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4 Easy and Efficient Tactics for Spring Cleaning a (Small) Apartment

Most people assume that maintaining an apartment is easier than dealing with the chores in a bigger home and think this also applies to Spring-cleaning. However, if you ever lived in a smaller place, you know that keeping everything in order takes as many efforts as maintaining a house, if not more. With limited living space, even the tiniest mess can turn into an obstacle to the normal course of the day. Spring-cleaning a small apartment can be challenging, and this is why we have decided to share with you not only how to deal with the task, but also [...]

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Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming task. Many people postpone the general cleaning of the house as long as they can because they dread the hours of scrubbing and wiping. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Last time we have shared 5 tips from our professionals that could help you deal with the spring cleaning fast and easy. Today, we continue with 5 more tips and tricks. Clean the stains on your wall using a simple pencil eraser. 6 Remove Stains from Walls When most people have to deal with stains on their [...]

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10 Unusual Spring Cleaning Hacks to Try This Year – Part 1

Spring Cleaning is often a dreadful time for homeowners. After the cold months are over there are no more excuses to roll up your sleeves and deep clean every area in the house. The problem is, once you start it turns out not every stain and splash are easy to remove. Not to mention that dealing with. Dirt and grime can be an exhausting, time-consuming task! That is why we have decided to give you a few hints how to tackle with Spring cleaning chores using some unconventional methods and life-hacks. Click to read all Spring Cleaning posts on our [...]

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How to Save Money During This Year’s Spring Cleaning?

  Spring Cleaning can be pricey – heavy duty cleaning requires substantial amounts of cleaning products, tools, and supplies. And if you decide to do a small renovation, you can end up spending a little fortune. However, there are a few things you can do to save some money during this year’s big clean up. Read our money-saving Spring Cleaning tactics below. Prepare Homemade Cleaners Store bought cleaners can be a bad choice, due to 2 main reasons. First, they contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you and your family. And second, they are so expensive! Spring cleaning [...]

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Green Spring Cleaning Tips Part 4 – Electronics

We have written a lot about Spring cleaning since we started this blog. And because we like eco-friendly homemade recipes, we have posted a series of green tips on how to clean up your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. A lot of our clients also prefer environmentally friendly products when dealing with dirty dishes, or washing the bed linens. However, we have noticed that even the biggest fans of green lifestyle still use toxic products when cleaning their electronics. This comes as no surprise – many people are uncertain about how to deal with their computers, TVs, and other electronics [...]

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30 + Things You Need to Throw Away Before Spring Cleaning the House

Although people write their New Year's resolutions in January, spring is actually the better season for new beginnings and new healthier habits. After the long and exhausting winter, we all are hungry for a change and for a fresh start! Spring is also the best time of the year to deep clean your home. However, before the actual cleaning begins you will need to spare some time to tidy up and organise your place. Today, The Happy House Cleaning experts share their ultimate list of more than 30 things you need to get rid off, right now, in order to [...]

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How to Prepare When Hiring Professional Home Cleaners?

Since we started our blog, we constantly share with you a lot of DIY cleaning recipes as well as many tips and tricks to help you deal with various chores fast and easy. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of hiring home cleaners. But since you are reading this post you probably have considered the pros and cons of getting your home professionally cleaned and decided to give it a try. There are a few things you need to know when hiring professionals - be it for regular visit or just for Spring Cleaning. Follow the tips below in [...]

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Spring Cleaning Made Simple: 9 Steps for Easy Garage Clean up

This month is the perfect time to plan and start the deep cleaning of your home. In our previous article we have shared with you a list of 7 amazing eco-friendly recipes to try this Spring. We have also posted a few articles on green and safe DIY Spring Cleaning solutions and detergents for the whole house – find them here. If your garage has turned into a chaotic, messy storage space and needs thorough cleaning and organisation, this article will help you deal with the task fast and easy. Why Including Your Garage Into Your Spring Cleaning Routine? Most of us [...]

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7 Amazing Green Spring Cleaning Recipes for your Home

  From the moment we have started this blog we constantly write about the hazards of using toxic cleaners, and we always try to share new safe home cleaning methods. Since spring is almost here it is time for the annual deep cleaning of the house. Last year we shared some tactical tricks to make the Spring Cleaning easier, as well as some great recipes for homemade solutions for your kitchen, bedroom and living room. Today, we are adding 10 more incredible DIY non-toxic solutions for green and easy Spring Cleaning of your house. Homemade Carpet Stain Remover Commercial stain [...]

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Get Ultimate Results When Renovating and Cleaning the Office

A deep, thorough cleaning, decluttering and re-organising, is a must, especially after the winter season. Most people accept this rule of thumb by default when it comes to cleaning of their own homes, but often forget the same applies to their workplace. In big office buildings and facilities there usually is a certain person, who is dealing with the office maintenance and cleaning, but this isn’t the same with the smaller companies. Therefore, a foresighted manager has to assign such task and plan it as carefully as he plans other events and projects. Spring Cleaning is not limited only to [...]

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