The Happy House Cleaning is not just another cleaning company on the market. We are dedicated to provide service of the highest quality and go that extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers. We are here to build a long term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect. We named our company “The Happy House Cleaning” because we want to focus on the positive experience – our work is not just about cleaning your house, what we really want is to put a smile on your face. Just look what our clients had to say about our work.

“We booked the after-party cleaning for a 4-room apartment. The job was impeccably clean and organised, as promised. We would use the service again.”

– Laura James

“Cheap price and excellent service. We booked the after party cleaning for our home and garden and the crew did an amazing job putting everything back to normal.”

– Karla Franco

“Although it took a while to explain what we wanted when we were booking the final result was great. The guys who cleaned the apartment were awesome! Highly recommended after party cleaning service! “

– Mat & Tina

“Booking the after party cleaning was the smartest things I’ve ever done! I would never manage to deal with the mess alone in one weekend. Thank you Happy House, you are the best!”

– Ava

“The booking process was a bit complicated for me, but I am happy with the results. The gentleman who came was punctual and efficient and my carpets look lovely. I would book the service again.”

– Steven J.

“Efficient and thorough! The cleaner was a bit late, but he called to warn us in advance, and he managed to finish the job within the planned time. All the carpets were cleaned up to the promised standard. “

– Tiffany W.

“We booked carpet cleaning for every room and got a nice discount. The carpets were cleaned very well and dried fast. All in all a good service.”

– Emma and William T.

“The price is okay, communication with the office could have been easier. However, the cleaner was polite and punctual and did a very good job removing the stains from the carpet. “

– Andrew C.

“Great service – easy to arrange, friendly people. The drapes look amazing, not a trace from the red wine stain. I am very happy!  “

– Carmen E.

“Very happy that you managed to save my curtains! The cigarette smell is gone and the fabric looks amazing! Thank you Happy House Cleaning, you are the best!”

– Mary Sanders

“Cheap price and good service. The guy came on time and did a very nice job cleaning the blinds. “

– P. Harrison

“I booked the curtain cleaning and I am delighted with the service! The gentleman was punctual, polite, and efficient. “

– Mrs Morgan

“Affordable price for quality service and excellent cleaning! Peter and Sev came the next day I called and cleaned my old rental in Hackney. Both guys are very quick and hard-working.”

– Matthieu Fournier

“Good customer care, good cleaning result. Although I had to pay extra for the carpets, my old rental was cleaned properly.”

– Nicola D.

“Fast and efficient service. I used Happy House Cleaning for the end of tenancy cleaning of my flat and they provided the expected result. “

– G. Thomson

“I am really happy with the end of tenancy cleaning job done by Boby and Nick. They were both very thorough and helpful. Thanks to them we didn’t have any problem with the letting agent. “

– Laura Harrison

“Cheap price and everything was very easy to arrange. Nick did a very good job for cleaning mattresses. Thank you”

– R. Singh

“The booking over the phone was a bit tedious, but the price is ok. The guy was on time and worked fast. Both mattresses were cleaned well. All in all good service.”

– Martin L.

“The guy was polite and worked fast. My mattress was cleaned in the specified time. Customer service was ok. Thanks.”

– A.Greco

“Booking the service online was very easy. The guy was thorough and hardworking  – he managed to clean all the mattresses in the house for under 2 hours. Now that’s efficient! We will definitely call again! “

– Linda & Bill

“The best office cleaners in Wandsworth! The booking is a breeze and Happy House Cleaning are always flexible when it comes to setting the schedule. “

– R. Thomas

“A very reliable service! The team is very efficient and polite. I trust them with all kind of cleaning jobs for the office and they provide great results every time.”

– J.L.

“Happy House Clean provides a reliable and efficient service for a very good price. I have tried many companies offering office cleaning and none of them matches their quality. Highly recommended!”

– Ben Wilson  

“Excellent service and cleaning results. I was particularly impressed with the job the crew did in the waiting room – the carpet really looks like new again! “

– Pauline Smith

“It was very easy to book and arrange the service. The lady was on time and did a great job cleaning the stove.”

– David Hill

“Excellent service, lovely people! I call Happy House Cleaning once or twice a year for oven cleaning and they never failed me. “

– Melanie P.

“The service is worth every penny. After the lady was done the stove and hood were shining! Thank you.”

– A. Richards

“The guy did a wonderful job cleaning the hob and oven. A first-rate service! Highly recommended!”

– Adam Clark

“I am never going back to spring cleaning on my own ever again. The team cleaned the whole house and the garage for less than a day. It takes me a week to do the same! What a wonderful service! “

– Maude B.

“Loverly service – easy booking, reasonable price, and hard-working team. I highly recommend the one-off cleaning service to anyone who wants to increase the value of their property when selling.”

– Graham Parker

“The apartment we bought needed a deep cleaning before we moved in so we used the one-off service. Making the arrangement was easy, the team was thorough, the price was okay – all in all a satisfying service.”

– Marisa F.  

“A great service if you need to clean your home in a hurry. The team was lovely, they worked very hard and cleaned the whole apartment immaculately. I am particularly impressed they managed to remove old stains from the dining chairs. Thank you!”

– Gabriela Hernández

“Great service, nice and polite cleaners! I am using domestic cleaning regularly for over a year now and my house looks great even between the visits.”

– Mia G.

“Easy to book, good customer service. The lady took her time and cleaning of the kitchen took her quite long so it cost me more than planned. Overall, I am satisfied with the service.”

– Travis B.

“The cleaner paid attention to detail and was thorough but she didn’t complete the house for the expected time. However, the provided result was satisfying. “

– M. Abdullah

“The best home cleaners in Hackney! I use the service once a week since July and so far Happy House Cleaning never failed me. They always send polite and efficient people and the house is easier to maintain between the visits.”

– Hannah L.

“Although making the booking takes more time than necessary, I am very happy with the service. Thanks to Boby, my rug looks amazing and it was completely dry in only 3 hours!”

– Nena S.

“The booking was easy and the prices were good. I already recommended the carpet cleaning to all my friends. “

– L. Vasilievich

“We booked the rug cleaning twice. The price is cheap and the cleaning guys were hard working and thorough both times. We will use the service again.”

– B. Morgan

“The best rug cleaners I’ve used so far! They were very polite and punctual, finished the job fast, didn’t have to explain anything. Highly recommended!”

– Roger K.

“Although I had to give some directions to the technician at the beginning he managed to do a good job. My sofa is cleaned well and there are no stains left. “

– Robert D.

“Incredible cleaners! They managed to clean the chocolate stains from my sofa and with ease! I am very happy with the service. “

– E. Dubois

“The best cleaners I booked in Chelsea so far! Boby was polite and hard working. My sofa dried up fast after the cleaning and the upholstery looks like new. Thank you!”

– Danielle A.

“Amazing service! Cheap price and easy to book online. The cleaning guy was polite and punctual, managed to remove the stain from my sofa as promised! “

– Paul Graham

“Excellent communication and service! The upholstery was left spotless! I am definitely going to use the sofa cleaning again.”

– G. Schneider

“The sofa took quite a while to dry but the waiting was worth it – the upholstery is spotless and looks great.”

– G. Harris

“The guy was polite and efficient. He did an outstanding job cleaning the living room furniture and removing the stains from the upholstery. I will definitely use this service again.”

– Tiffany T.

“Lovely service! The gentleman was on time. He only asked a few questions and started cleaning the furniture right away, we didn’t even have to stay there while he was working. The upholstery was cleaned immaculately and everything dried fast.”

– Margaret Hudges

“Although the team arrived a bit later, they worked fast and were very efficient. I would definitely use the window cleaning again.”

– M. Hall

“The cleaner was polite and worked hard. The visit it was easy to arrange. The windows were finished on time. A nice service!”

– Gaëlle D.

“I highly recommend the window cleaning service. The guy was very efficient and he brought everything – even the ladder! Many thanks.”

– Peter F.

“Easy booking, cheap price, and efficient personnel. Probably the best window cleaners in Croydon!”

– R. White

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