We have written a lot about Spring cleaning since we started this blog. And because we like eco-friendly homemade recipes, we have posted a series of green tips on how to clean up your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. A lot of our clients also prefer environmentally friendly products when dealing with dirty dishes, or washing the bed linens.

However, we have noticed that even the biggest fans of green lifestyle still use toxic products when cleaning their electronics. This comes as no surprise – many people are uncertain about how to deal with their computers, TVs, and other electronics at home. Most of the people are concerned that homemade cleaners can damage the delicate (and quite expensive) gadgets.

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This is why we have decided it is time to write a few green Spring cleaning tips to help you tackle with dust, dirt, grease spots, and smudges on your electronic devices.

Inexpensive DIY Green Screen Cleaner

Most screens can be safely cleaned with a microfibre cloth dipped in pure water. However, if you often drink or eat in front of your computer, you know that in just a few days it gets covered with small droplets and splashes of food and beverages.

Usually, this is the moment when most people just grab an electronic cleaning tissue and wipe the screen. But there is a cheaper and easier way to remove spots from the device’s surface. Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol and 1 part distilled water. Pour in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the mixture onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the dirt off. You can use this solution for the TV, for your tablet, laptop, computer, or phone screen.

A few tips on cleaning LCD screens:

  • Always turn off the screen before cleaning.
  • Never spray any liquids directly onto the monitor.
  • Never press too hard – screens are quite delicate and you can ‘burn out’ some pixels.
  • Never use paper towels when cleaning a monitor – they leave too many residues and can scratch the surface.

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Clean Your Keyboard in a Green and Safe Way

Some years ago everybody was swearing by the dishwasher method. Basically, just putting the keyboard in the dishwasher and setting it to a quick cycle. We guess that this might have worked ok some time ago, but nowadays the keyboards are getting more complicated, with USB and other slots. So we wouldn’t recommend this method as safe.

The easiest way to deal with dust and dirt stuck in the keyboard is to use compressed air and rubbing alcohol. Unplug/ turn off the keyboard from your computer. Run the compressed air nozzle through the rows of buttons to get out the particles and dust caught inside. You can get a small handheld vacuum cleaner to collect what’s popping out of the device. After you are done with the inside of the keyboard, you can grab a microfibre cloth, dip it rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe off the surface to remove the dirt.

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Computer, Tuners, and Internet Routers

In most cases, you can easily clean the body of your computer, or router with the same solution you use for the monitor. However, most of us don’t think of cleaning these devices until it’s time for spring cleaning. When we remember to take them out of their corners, routers, tuners, and other electronics are already covered with a thick layer of dirt and dust.

Vacuuming the device to remove hair and dust bunnies. If the electronics look particularly dirty, combine 1 part dishwashing liquid and 4 parts of water. Whisk the ingredients using a fork or an egg whisker until you have thick soapy foam. Dip a microfibre cloth into the foam, wring out until it’s almost dry and wipe the device’s surface. If you have to clean small, hard to reach spots, you can use a cotton Q-tip.

You can use this method to clean your remote control, your Internet router, the laptop’s case, computers, DVDs and other appliances. Just make sure you are not using too much liquid. And always turn off the device before cleaning it.

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Ready for Spring-cleaning the house? So are we! Don’t hesitate to book our wonderful one-off cleaning team in London – we will help you get your home shining and ready for the warm season!