A deep, thorough cleaning, decluttering and re-organising, is a must, especially after the winter season. Most people accept this rule of thumb by default when it comes to cleaning of their own homes, but often forget the same applies to their workplace. In big office buildings and facilities there usually is a certain person, who is dealing with the office maintenance and cleaning, but this isn’t the same with the smaller companies. Therefore, a foresighted manager has to assign such task and plan it as carefully as he plans other events and projects.

Spring Cleaning is not limited only to clean the office, it is also about improving the work environment – decluttering, re-organising file cabinets, renovating and getting new furniture if needed. This is big task, and it may sound overwhelming, but renovating the office is one of the best ways to create an inspiring work environment. However, there are certain things every manager has to consider when it comes to organising an efficient office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Doesn’t Need to Be in Spring

Usually the first warm months are the best time for thorough cleaning and renovations. However, when it comes to office facilities this may not be the most appropriate moment. In some countries (including the UK) the end of fiscal year is in spring. Of course, this is a priority task and both workers and managers are focused on dealing it, rather than renovating their work place.

Therefore, this event can be set one or two months later. In most business niches there are different downtime periods during the year and they can be used for renovation and deep cleaning of the office.

How to Avoid Interfering With Work Process

It’s simply impossible to work if there decorators or cleaners in the office during the workday. But there are many options to go through the office cleaning seamlessly. Instead of doing the job all at once, the person in charge can assign small tasks, which can be done at the end of the workday. For example – reordering the documents, decluttering, organisation of the file cabinets etc. It is highly recommended to encourage the team to clean regularly their own work places during the whole year.

Some renovation and cleaning jobs cannot be done during the workweek. Consider hiring professional decorators and painters during the weekend when the employees will not be disturbed. Most of the wall paints nowadays are water based and dry relatively fast, so 2 days are more than enough for paint jobs. You will most certainly need to hire professional cleaning company – there will be a lot of dust and dirt after renovations and winter season, so deep cleaning is mandatory. Cleaning companies in London offer fast and efficient cleaning procedures for offices  and public buildings.

Finishing Touch for Inspiring Work Environment

After the workplace is clean and renovated, consider adding suitable decorations and accessories. Hanging a few paintings or posters on the walls, or placing some potted plants can really make a huge difference. Cleaning, refreshing and decorating your office will not only improve how it looks, but can also create environment for more productive work process.