Although people write their New Year’s resolutions in January, spring is actually the better season for new beginnings and new healthier habits. After the long and exhausting winter, we all are hungry for a change and for a fresh start! Spring is also the best time of the year to deep clean your home. However, before the actual cleaning begins you will need to spare some time to tidy up and organise your place.

Today, The Happy House Cleaning experts share their ultimate list of more than 30 things you need to get rid off, right now, in order to start on a clean slate.

30 + Things You Need to Let Go This Spring

Spring-cleaning can be a time-consuming task, even if your home doesn’t need a de-cluttering. In order to deal with it easy and hassle-free you can spare a day before the actual cleaning and say goodbye to the following items:


  • Tupperware – keep a few boxes you use the most and get rid of the rest.
  • Plastic bags – everybody has a cabinet full of old shopping bags, be different!
  • Expired spices and condiments – dry spices are good for as long as 18-24 months. Sauces last up to six months in the refrigerator.
  • Single wrapped sauces and plastic cutlery – free a whole kitchen drawer by throwing away all the ‘takeout accessories’.
  • Kitchen items that double – because nobody needs two potato peelers.
  • Coffee and tea mugs – cups tend to pile up and over the years you might have acquired an impressive collection. Keep a few donate the rest.
  • Single use kitchen utensils – the garlic press is quite handy, but unless you are a professional chef, the shrimp deveiner or the mango pitter just take up too much space in your kitchen drawers.

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Children’s room

  • Small clothes – children are outgrowing their garments fast. Donate the ones that are in a good condition and throw away the rest.
  • Stuffed animals & toys – keep the most favourite toys and donate the rest.
  • Children’s art projects – it’s difficult to throw away your child’s art. However, spare a few hours for careful curation, keep the most precious drawings and projects, and say goodbye to the rest.

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Living room

  • Old magazines – don’t be a hoarder! Remember that most of the content can be found online. Recycle the paper.
  • Documents and bills – out-dated receipts, bills, and paychecks, manuals for old electronics – do you really have that much space at home?
  • Gifts you don’t like – let yourself free from guilt and get rid of that ugly vase from your favourite aunt. The same applies for broken souvenirs.
  • Books – keep only your favourite books and the classics. Your old textbooks are probably out-dated anyway.

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Bedroom and Closet

  • Worn out underwear – everybody has that one, ‘most comfortable’ bra, or a lucky pair of socks. However, when worn out these items are just making it more difficult to find what to wear in the morning.
  • Old T-shirts – there are old favourite t-shirts reminding you of some nice trips and great concerts. However, these garments tend to pile up in your wardrobe. Wear everything that still fits you. Throw away the rest.
  • Worn out towels and bed linens – The only reasonable way to reuse these items is to cut them in pieces, use them during your spring cleaning instead of rags, and then toss them for good.
  • Damaged garments and shoes – don’t keep torn or broken clothing damaged beyond repair.
  • Your wedding dress – it’s a gorgeous sentiment of a precious moment, however, wedding dresses take up too much space. Donate your dress to a charity and help someone else have their special day.
  • Coat hangers – keep only wooden hangers of good quality. Get rid of the broken plastic and metal ones you get from your dry cleaners.

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Cosmetics & Accessories

  • Hair accessories – you don’t have any use of elastic bands that have lost their elasticity. Throw away or donate all out-of-fashion hair accessories.
  • Broken jewellery – there’s no point of keeping broken pendants or single earrings.
  • Old makeup – check the expiration dates of your cosmetics. Throw away everything older than 2 years, except you don’t insist on getting a strange rash.
  • Bags, purses, and belts you don’t wear anymore – It is difficult to get rid of a purse, especially if it was pricey when you bought it. But these items take too much of your closet space.
  • Expired medicine – using old pills and ointments is dangerous. Clean up your drug cabinet.

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Technology & Random Gadgets

  • Power cables – You get a power cord every time you purchase a gadget. There is no need to keep all of them, especially those for old technology, that you probably don’t even own anymore.
  • Out-dated gadgets – all cameras and old cell phones piling up in your cabinets can help someone in need. Donate them.
  • Paper memories – greeting cards, wedding invitations, plane tickets – we keep all these items as souvenirs, but in the end, we end up with a messy pile/box/drawer. Recycle the paper.

Garage & Garden

  • Area rugs – do you keep an old rug in your garage just in case you need it again? If you haven’t used it for the last 2 years, then you probably wouldn’t the next 20.
  • Old paint – Paint dries up fast once it’s opened. If you purchased the can more than 1 year ago, then you probably should get rid of it.
  • Sports Equipment – keep only the sports gear you use on regular basis. Sell or donate the rest.
  • Pots and Gardening tools – you haven’t planted a single plant for years, your tools are rusty, and half of the pots are already broken. Give away the items that still are in a good condition, throw away the others, free yourself some space in your garage.

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