There are some things at home you just can’t miss when doing your chores: dishes, dirty laundry, floors and carpets are part of everyday routine. Oven, windows, and appliances are also a part of the weekly cleaning routine. But there are some areas and things we tend to overlook when cleaning our home. Let’s check which are they.

Window tracks

Most of us don’t forget to clean the window glass. This is completely natural – smeared fingerprints, smudges and dust can be easily seen by the caring homemaker. However, we often overlook cleaning the window tracks and the windowsills. Over time, dust and dust get trapped in the track. If you forget to clean it, the dust can spread around the whole house. The best you can you is to clean the window tracks with a vacuum before cleaning the glass.

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Hairbrush & Comb

We use this objects every day, sometimes even – a few times a day. And yet, they are among the things we often forget to clean. Over time, dust, hair, sebum, conditioner and shampoo residues get trapped onto your hairbrush. This combination is particularly gross because of the combination of natural and synthetic ingredients! To avoid rashes and allergies, always remove hairs after every combing. Once a week, fill a basin with lukewarm water and liquid soap and soak the brush for 10 minutes. Use a small cleaning brush to scrub between the bristles. Rinse well with clean water and dry completely before storing and using the item.

Bed Pillows

Every few months we remind our readers to include their mattress to the Spring or respectively, Autumn cleaning routine. This is not accidental. Our mattresses accumulate dust, hair, dead skin cells over time and it is good to deep clean them for the sake of good health and hygiene. But the same applies for our bed pillows. No matter how often you change the bed linens and pillows cases, you still need to include your pillow to your home cleaning routine. Most pillows can be machine-washed and should be laundered once every 3 months.

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Light switches & Doorknobs

Every member of your home passes them and touches them every day. Light switches, doorknobs, and windows handles are among the items we use all the time without even noticing. And, you have to admit – not every time you press the light switch your hands are perfectly clean! In order to keep you home germ-free, it is a good idea to wipe the knobs and light switches with a cloth, dipped in a solution of detergent and water every week.

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Shower Curtains

We are vigorously scrubbing the bathroom tiles, floor, and sink because we know that humid environment provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to develop. However, we often forget, that our textile shower curtain is also subject to the same moist conditions. Most shower curtains can be put safely into the washing machine or hand-washed. Once a month, take the curtain off and launder it separately from your clothes. The good thing is that shower curtains are made from synthetic fabric and don’t require much time to dry.

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