If you have succeeded to quit smoking: Congratulations! As we wrote in our previous article How to Turn Your New Year Resolutions into Reality, this requires certain determination and efforts. Your achievement means you are on your way to a healthier life.

However, as a non-smoker, your sense of smell is enhanced and we wouldn’t be surprised if the old cigarettes stink is driving you crazy. You should know, that getting rid of that ‘aroma’ could be as tricky and requiring as breaking the bad habit. Luckily, our Happy House Cleaning Team can share their tips for a smoke-free, fresh-smelling home.

The Washing Machine is Your Best Friend

It is not enough to wash the contents of your laundry basket. Your entire home has absorbed the smoke, including your clothes, linens, tablecloths and other fabric items, even in the rooms you never smoked! Washing your wardrobe is a must. Blankets, linens, and even pillows should also be laundered, in order to get rid of the smell. Take thick coats and jackets that don’t fit into your washing machine and bring them to your dry cleaner.

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Deep Clean Your Carpet

All textile items absorb smells over the years. Usually, the cigarette smell embedded in the carpets is too strong to disappear without additional help. Hire professional rug cleaners – they will know which procedures will be the most appropriate for your carpets. Sometimes hot-water extraction is enough to remove the tobacco smell from the rug, in other cases technicians will have to shampoo it. The choice of cleaning technique depends a lot on the type of the fibres. In any case, pros use advanced cleaning products that will successfully deal with the tobacco smell.

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Refresh the Upholstery

Just like with carpets, sofas, armchairs and other upholstered items will have to be cleaned professionally. The smell of cigarettes is a difficult one to remove, and unlike rugs, furnishings have a filling, that acts like a sponge for all kind of odours. If you have both carpets and soft furnishings you want to clean, you can take ask the cleaning company to do your drapes and mattress as well. When you make a booking for more than two services a lot of cleaners offer reasonable discounts.

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Get Rid of the Stains

There is one more thing you can do if you want your home to look and smell better after you quit smoking. Although the stink will be gone once you washed and deep cleaned all textile items, you can take things further and put a coat of fresh paint on the walls. This will cover up the nasty yellowish stains that nicotine leaves on ceiling and walls. You can even mark this new era of your life by changing the colour – this will give you a sense of satisfaction and completion.

Follow these steps; leave no stone unturned, and soon the stink will be gone! And don’t hesitate to call us for any type of cleaning job! Our team can be booked for regular domestic visits, one-off cleaning appointments, or just for carpet and upholstery treatment.