5 Simple Ways to Save Money When Cleaning Your Home

If you trace your expenses, you will be shocked to discover you are spending a small fortune on home cleaning tools and products every year. Keeping your home sanitised is crucial for your family’s health, and you shouldn’t cut corners while doing it. However, you will definitely reduce some of your expenses and save some money with these 5 tips from our domestic cleaning experts. Read also: How to Make Your Home Greener and Healthier? This is about all the cleaning tools you need to maintain your home. Stop Buying Unnecessary Home Cleaning Tools Nowadays you can easily [...]

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When to Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service?

  Professional furniture cleaners remove the dirt and dust settled in your sofa or armchairs by using advanced equipment and products designed for the task. In most cases, specialists and manufacturers recommend hot water extraction method, more popular as steam cleaning. Usually, most of our clients call us solely when the DIY sofa clean-up just doesn't do the work. However, there are other instances when it is wise to book a professional upholstery cleaner. Check out when hiring a cleaning service is better than cleaning the sofa by yourself. Sumer is a very good time to have your upholstery [...]

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4 Easy and Efficient Tactics for Spring Cleaning a (Small) Apartment

Most people assume that maintaining an apartment is easier than dealing with the chores in a bigger home and think this also applies to Spring-cleaning. However, if you ever lived in a smaller place, you know that keeping everything in order takes as many efforts as maintaining a house, if not more. With limited living space, even the tiniest mess can turn into an obstacle to the normal course of the day. Spring-cleaning a small apartment can be challenging, and this is why we have decided to share with you not only how to deal with the task, but also [...]

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