The Ultimate Guide to a Fresh and Clean Fridge

As professional home cleaners in London, we’ve seen it all — overflowing cupboards, greasy cookers, and, yes, even the occasional fridge horror story! That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate fridge cleaning guide! […]

Why DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks Often Fail (and What to Do Instead for a Sparkling Oven)

We’ve all been there. You reach for that casserole dish at the back of the oven, only to notice a wall of grease and grime buildup. You resign yourself to spending the next afternoon scrubbing away with baking soda, vinegar, and a lot of elbow grease. But let’s face it: DIY oven cleaning hacks can be a real chore, and often, the results are less than stellar. As professionals with years of experience in oven cleaning in London, we’ve seen it all—burnt-on spills, stubborn caked-on grease, and ovens that haven’t been properly cleaned in years. While we appreciate the desire [...]