Summer is great time to go on holiday or just spend your vacation at home. But also it is the perfect moment of the year for some chores. Even if you did your Spring cleaning like a pro, there are a few chores that are best to be done in the hottest time of the year. Thorough window cleaning is one of the best (and easiest) summer chores. Follow the tips below to enjoy sparkly clean windows.

Get Your Cleaning Supplies

We’ve asked the house cleaning specialists to make a list of the right tools you’ll need to clean perfectly any window. They shared what they use to make cleaning easy and fast and avoid endless scrubbing and frustration. To wipe off the dirt and remove even old stains from the glass effectively you will need:

  • 1 Wide Bucket – take bucket that is wide enough to fit a window-cleaning squeegee

  • Window Cleaning Squeegee – these tools vary in size, quality, and price, but professionals think the most important thing is to pick the one that fits best to your hand. The quality squeegees usually have 3 pieces – rubber, handle, and channel and their rubber can always be changed after it gets old.

  • Old Towel and 2 Microfibre cloths – Cleaning specialists recommend using an old towel – its fluff is worn and the fabric won’t leave any traces on the window. Get a microfibre cloth that is used only for glass surfaces.

  • Detergent – if you have to deal with old, stubborn stains DIY window cleaners may not do the job. Invest in quality solution – they are strong enough to clean your windows without leaving traces.
  • Ladder & Long Handle for the Squeegee – You will need to reach even the highest parts of the glass.

Once you’ve gathered everything from this list you are ready to move on to the next step – getting a 5 star view to the summer.

Clean Your Windows in 7 Steps

Proper technique is the king when it comes to windows cleaning. Experts recommend following these steps:

1. Never clean windows when the sunlight is direct – the sun will dry them fast and there will be traces, no matter how expensive the solution you use.

2. Clean with cold water – hot water dries too fast and leaves traces on the glass. Use lukewarm water if you must dissolve particularly stubborn stain.

3. Apply solution directly on the wet cloth – then wipe the windows with circular motions.

4. Using the squeegee right – Remove the excess water by angling the squeegee 45 degrees towards the wet glass surface. Start from the top and go to the bottom of the glass

5. Wipe away residues and traces – Even if you are careful traces can appear. Use the second cloth (dry and clean) to wipe them away.

6. Use the old towel to finish the job – If there are any water residues in the bottom of the window use the old towel to soak them. This is where all the dirt goes and after the towel you may need to wipe the surface with microfibre cloth again.

7. Inspect the surface – if there are any spots left behind – like insect marks or sticky fingers, go over them with the microfibre cloth one more time.

Voila! With a few easy steps you can enjoy perfectly clean windows!