Lint rollers are the best tool to use when removing hair, fluffs and lint from clothes. However most rollers have very short life and quickly become useless, especially when you have to deal with pet hair. Some dog and cat breeds like Siamese cats and Doberman dogs have really short thick fur, which is really difficult to remove once it gets deep into fabric’ fibres.

Extracting ALL the pet hair from your sofa is always the first step when cleaning the upholstery, and this is where most lint rollers fail. Fortunately our skilled upholstery cleaners share their little tricks – here are six effective ways to get pet hair out from your furniture upholstery and clothes.

DIY Tape Glove

Tape is the best option for emergency situations. Wrap a long wide strip loosely around the palm of your hand with the adhesive side out. Use as lint roller to remove excessive pet hair from furniture and clothes. Generally all types of tape will do the trick, but the best option is to use masking tape – it is strong enough to stick the pet hair, but the glue won’t stick and leave any residue to the fabric.

Wet Cloth + Vacuum

This method is suitable to clean furniture or car upholstery, but it isn’t the best option for clothes and delicate fabrics. Take clean slightly damp cloth and wipe gently the surface. Collect the pet hair into a pile using stiff bristle brush and then vacuum.

Remove Pet Hair with Rubber

You can either put on rubber gloves or take a window-cleaning squeegee and “wipe” the upholstery and run a vacuum to suck whatever the rubber pulled out. Using rubber is great and easy way to get out short hairs of any fabric – be it garment, upholstery or even carpet. Cleaning pet hair with rubber is effective even on tight woven fabric that usually is really difficult to clean.

Dry Cleaning Sponge

Take a dry dense sponge and wipe down your coat, chair or sofa. The denser the sponge you take the easier it will be to pull pet hair out of the fabric. The downside of this trick is that you will need to press really hard. It’s not convenient if you have to clean large surface like carpet or upholstery, but it works well for clothes.

Remove Pet Hair with Portable Vacuum

Getting a small, powerful vacuum cleaner is always a smart investment. Especially, if it is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner – handy and quite convenient to deal not only with pet hair, but beverage and food spills from upholstery, carpets and clothes.

Hair Sprays and Anti-static Products

These products make the pet hair thicker and easier to remove. Spray evenly hair spray or anti-static product onto pet hair, wait until it dries completely, then brush out and vacuum all the fur and lint.