Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming task. Many people postpone the general cleaning of the house as long as they can because they dread the hours of scrubbing and wiping. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Last time we have shared 5 tips from our professionals that could help you deal with the spring cleaning fast and easy. Today, we continue with 5 more tips and tricks.

Clean the stains from your wall using simple pencil eraser.

Clean the stains on your wall using a simple pencil eraser.

6 Remove Stains from Walls

When most people have to deal with stains on their wall, they usually reach for a wet rag. However, the truth is this is a big mistake! The moisture will only help spread the dirt making it more difficult to clean. Instead of using a wet rag, you should try scrubbing the wall with a dry microfibre towel. If the spot is too stubborn, you can also try cleaning it with a pencil rubber.

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You will find one of the best mould removal products in your liqueur cabinet.

You will find one of the best mould removal products in your liqueur cabinet.

7 Use Alcohol to Remove Bathroom Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew in the shower are not good news. Some types of mould are even proven to be carcinogenic. This is why, if you need to deal with mildew in your bathroom and don’t have the right product at hand, you can just resort to your mini-bar. Grab a bottle of vodka and spray the affected area. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then clean the tiles with soap and water. Alcohol will help you remove the grime easily and disinfect the area.

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One of the best dust cleaning tools there is.

One of the best dust cleaning tools there is.

8 Use a Lint Roller When Cleaning the House

Lint rollers are great for removing pet hair, but they have many other uses too! You can freshen up suede shoes and accessories, and even – to remove dust. Lint rollers come in handy when you need to dust your textile items such as throw pillows, velvet covers or heavy drapes. Roll it over the textile lamp shades – you will be amazed how much dust you will be able to collect!

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Polish your stainless steel appliances with ease.

Polish your stainless steel appliances with ease.

9 Use Olive Oil to Polish Various Surfaces

We have already written that olive oil is an excellent substance to use when polishing wooden furnishings and floors. The natural oils will nourish wood surfaces and details leaving a soft lustre and will prolong the life of the material. But there is even a more unconventional use of olive oil for your cleaning routine. Use a few drops of the liquid and a soft cloth to remove smears and fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances with ease. After you are done, use a dry rag to polish the area and pick up any excess olive oil.

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White distilled vinegar will help you fight dingy smells.

White distilled vinegar will help you fight dingy smells.

10 Use Vinegar to Fight Bad Smell

There is no need to buy new towels and bed linens if they start smelling dingy. Wash them as usual and let them dry. After this, rewash them, using white distilled vinegar instead of laundry liquid. Let the washed items dry entirely under direct sunlight. The vinegar smell will disappear, and so will the unpleasant stale odour.

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