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10 Unusual Spring Cleaning Hacks to Try This Year – Part 1

spring-clean-1Spring Cleaning is often a dreadful time for homeowners. After the cold months are over there are no more excuses to roll up your sleeves and deep clean every area in the house. The problem is, once you start it turns out not every stain and splash are easy to remove. Not to mention that dealing with. Dirt and grime can be an exhausting, time-consuming task! That is why we have decided to give you a few hints how to tackle with Spring cleaning chores using some unconventional methods and life-hacks.

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Check this trick for a dirt repelling treatment of your stovetop.

Check this trick for a dirt-repelling treatment of your stovetop.

1 Wax The Cooktop of Your Stove

After you have finished scrubbing the stains off your stovetop, use car wax product and a clean towel to polish the surface. Not only will this make the appliance look shiny and new, but it will also make wiping off future splashes a breeze.

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Check this microwave cleaning trick.

Check this microwave cleaning trick.

2 Steam-Clean Your Microwave

Removing old food stains and splashes from the inside of your microwave is easier if you steam them before you start scrubbing. Fill a bowl with 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional) and microwave the mixture for a few minutes. That will loosen the dirt, and you will only have to wipe off the inside with a microfibre towel.

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You can clean more than just dishes in the dishwasher.

You can clean more than just dishes in the dishwasher.

3 Your Dishwasher is the Ultimate Cleaning Machine

There are plenty of things that you can safely clean in the dishwasher, and these things are not necessarily dishes! Once in a while, toss some of the following into your dishwasher for a deep clean: plastic kids toys, hair brushes, contact lens cases, makeup brushes, pet dishes, soap dishes, refrigerator shelves, tweezers, various knobs and buttons, and even removable showerheads.

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This trick will make your shower glow.

This trick will make your shower glow.

4 Remove Hard Water Deposits

Stains left from hard water stains are an eye-sore and torture to get rid of! Deal with them in this super lazy manner, and watch them disappear! All you need to do is to soak a few paper towels in white distilled vinegar, then place them over the stains. Come back after one hour, remove the paper towels and wipe the stain off with a rag. You can use this trick for faucets, bathtub, or the shower head.

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Bring back the as-new look of your microfibre sofa.

Bring back the as-new look of your microfibre sofa.

5 Make Microfiber Furniture Look Like New

Want to remove the stains from your microfiber couch easily? Rubbing alcohol is all you need! Use a spray bottle to cover your sofa with rubbing alcohol, then use a clean towel to wipe the furniture. You will observe the dirt and grime transferring from the upholstery to the cloth, so you might have to use a few of them. Once the sofa is dry, use a stiff bristle brush to fluff up the fibres and get the couch looking like new!

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