Getting a stain or tearing your garment in the middle of the workday is always annoying. However, spills, stains, and tears can be a real disaster if they happen before an important meeting or event when you have limited time and options to react. We decided to challenge the Keen Clean professionals and asked them to share their tips on how to deal with a situation like this. Our team took in mind that you have limited resources when you are at work or on the move, so all the methods they suggested require only items you can find around the office or your bag.

Here are their tips.

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Freshen Up Suede or Nubuck

Dirt and dust from the street can make your suede and nubuck shoes look worn out and dull. If you need to freshen up nubuck or suede and you don’t have a shoe brush at hand, just use a wet wipe. Take the wipe out of the package and leave it aside until it dries almost completely. Gently pat your shoes, without pressing. The moisture will be enough to transfer the dirt onto wipe, but not too much to ruin the suede.

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Clean Dirty Glasses

There are a few things in life, which are more annoying than reaching for the cloth to clean the wipe surface of your prescription glasses and realising you have forgotten it at home. Even if you decide to take the risk of scratching the delicate lenses with your clothes, you only smear the dirt and grease, which doesn’t solve your problem. Luckily, you can clean the glass safely and clear your vision. Pour a few drops of hand sanitiser on a soft paper handkerchief and gently wipe the lenses. There is no need to press or polish the glass – the cleaner will evaporate in seconds along with the dirt and grease. You can use this trick for your office monitor or phone screen when you don’t have specialised wipes at hand.

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Repair Torn Up Hems on the Go

Even the most expensive garment looks like an old rag if the hem is hanging down from the original line. Luckily, if you tear the hem of your trousers in the middle of the workday, you don’t need to buy a new pair of pants or hide behind the desk until the rest of the day. Instead, use a few pieces of scotch tape to “glue” the hem as close to the original cut of the garment as possible. Although this is only a temporary solution, it will keep the fabric pieces together until you get home.

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Remove Grease Stains With Salt

Getting a grease stain on your shirt when you are at work doesn’t mean you need to put up with the unsightly spot during the whole day. Dampen the area with a few drops of water and cover it with a thick layer of table salt without pressing or rubbing. Leave it for 15 minutes to let the condiment soak up the grease, then carefully brush it off. The method conceals the spot and prevents it from becoming a permanent stain and makes it easier to wash the garment later.

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Repair Scratched Leather Shoes or Accessories

One of the joys of living in a big city is that someone can step on your brand new shoes and leave an ugly mark immediately after you wear them for the first time. There are specialised products for cleaning scuff marks from leather but nobody ever carries them in their bag on the way to work. Fortunately, you don’t need to stand the scuff mark throughout the whole working day. Take a colourless lip balm and apply it on a clean paper towel and wipe the leather with gentle circular motions. The oils in the lip balm will moisturise the material and remove the mark.

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