Suede is a great upholstery material, giving the room cosy and luxurious look. Nevertheless it has a bad reputation for being difficult to maintain. However, cleaning a suede sofa doesn’t have to be epic task – here are 5 ways to maintain your upholstery in a top shape without much effort.

Removing Wet Stains

If there is a food or beverage spill on your suede couch the faster you act the better. This is because suede is extra sensitive to moisture and liquid can damage this luxurious upholstery. Blot the spot gently to extract as much of the stain and moist as possible. If there is some residue left blot the area using slightly damp cloth. Apply spot treatment product according to the instructions on the package. Leave it like this for a few minutes then use a clean damp cloth to rinse the area. Use your hair dryer to dry the spot. In some cases there won’t be a need to use a stain-cleaning product if you blot the stain right after it occurred.

Dealing with Old Stains

If you have to remove an old stain you can use this simple trick: rub gently the area using pencil eraser. There are also specialised erasers for suede, but the ordinary one can do the job too. After “erasing” the stain, brush off the spot using soft brush. This will remove the excess dirt. However in some cases you might need to call professional sofa cleaner to deal with some kind of stubborn stains – like ink, or crayon.

Freshening Up Suede Upholstery

If your sofa is looking scruffy you can fresh up the suede really easy. Wipe the surface with slightly damp cloth to clean up dirt and dust, without getting the upholstery wet. Professional sofa cleaners never use water to clean water sensitive materials like suede. Instead, they have a dry cleaning procedure because shampooing and steam cleaning can damage this luxurious upholstery.

Brushing a Suede Sofa

Suede upholstery has to be brushed in order to keep its gorgeous look. After cleaning spills and removing stains let the area dry completely. Then brush the suede upholstery with soft suede brush. The best way is to brush the suede with gentle circular motions. Apply a bit more pressure on the area, where you removed spots and stains on your upholstery. If you have a pet, brushing is a must and you have to do it on regular basis to collect pet hair.

Stain removal Products for Suede Sofa

There are many brands of specialised suede cleaners available. However before applying any of them test the product on a small inconspicuous area first. Wait about 15-20 minutes to be sure the particular cleaner won’t damage the upholstery. Follow strictly cleaning instructions of the product. If you don’t have suede stain cleaner at hand white distilled vinegar diluted in water is a great substitute. Again – test in a small hidden area, before cleaning visible parts of the upholstered furniture, because it is natural, but strong cleaner and there are certain things you can’t clean with vinegar. No matter what kind of product you use always blot the area dry after removing a stain.

Follow these tips for impeccably clean suede sofa. If you have any doubts or if you have to deal with old, stubborn stains you can always search for professional sofa and upholstery cleaners in London.