Most people assume that maintaining an apartment is easier than dealing with the chores in a bigger home and think this also applies to Spring-cleaning. However, if you ever lived in a smaller place, you know that keeping everything in order takes as many efforts as maintaining a house, if not more. With limited living space, even the tiniest mess can turn into an obstacle to the normal course of the day. Spring-cleaning a small apartment can be challenging, and this is why we have decided to share with you not only how to deal with the task, but also how to extend the result as long as possible.

Things can get messy when your living room, kitchen, and home office share the same room.

Out-of-the-Box De-Cluttering and Organisation

If you want to manage to keep your home tidy and hygienic after this year’s Spring-cleaning for more than a few days, then you should consider changing your routine. Mess and Clutter are the most significant issues when maintaining an apartment. The smaller your place, the less space you have, and this is a real challenge when organising everything from clothes to cash receipts. So before you start putting things away at their usual places, look around and note which areas are getting messier and what kind of clutter predominates in your home. This is the best way to determine what to change so you can keep your apartment organised longer and with fewer efforts.

There is a way to keep the clutter at bay and enjoy the results from the spring cleaning longer.

How to Do it?

Let’s say, there are piles of papers and bills you need to keep covering every flat surface. Probably the place you designated for these things isn’t sufficient anymore. Re-organising the storage places will help you make more room for your documents. Being creative with the way you use limited space helps, so you don’t have to stick to the fittings, designed for keeping papers like drawers or cabinets. A large container in your wardrobe may fit your needs better than the compartments built in your desk.

Even a simple thing like drying seasonal clothes in the apartment can become a challenge.

Less Laundry Between Winter and Summer

Whether you live in a mansion or in a 1 bedroom apartment, Spring cleaning always means taking out the summer garments and linens and putting away the thick winter blankets and clothes. If not stored properly, after a few months fabric items become wrinkled, dusty, and smell funny. This will not only add more work for you during the Spring cleaning, but the lack of space turns the drying off a few loads of laundry into significant inconvenience. It also means you will need to iron everything again. When you live in a smaller home, the way you store your clothes and linens can make a substantial difference in terms of cleaning and organisation. 

Storing blankets and linens in bags that can be vacuumed and sealed is a great way to save space in your closet and keep them dust-free.

How to Do It?

After washing the winter fabric items, don’t just put them away. Invest in a vacuumed sealed bags to prevent blankets and linens from collecting dust. Store your summer clothes on hangers and wrap them in clothing cases to make sure they will be ready to wear and won’t require washing and ironing the next time you need them.

Do you really need to keep all of your stuff?

Ruthless Disposal of Everything You Don’t Use

People with bigger homes can afford to hold onto their stuff and store them in the garage a year and two without significant consequences or difference to their environment. This attitude can be disastrous for those who live in smaller places – problems – piling of stuff, clutter, difficulty to clean and tidy, mould, mice, bugs (kitchen?).  Make one big inventory of your belongings during the Spring cleaning and a few smaller ones every now and then. Set a goal to get rid of everything you haven’t used for more than a year.

Selling some of the things you don’t need online can be a good way to make some money after the Spring cleaning is over.

How to Do It?

Stuff like sports equipment or tools can eat up your space before you know it and you can always rent or borrow them when you are actually going to use them. Disposing of the unnecessary things will make the maintenance of your apartment simpler. If you don’t want to throw away everything, you can sell valuable items or donate them to local charities.

Spring cleaning is the perfect occasion to make some small renovations in your apartment!

Smart Renovations to Help You Tidy Up and Clean Faster

Spring cleaning – the best time for small renovations. A fresh coat of paint and some new accessories can make even the dullest room look bright and welcoming. But you can take the opportunity a bit further with a more practical purpose in mind. If you are planning to make home improvements this year, take advantage of the occasion to change the things that turn even the simplest chores into a challenge. Lack of space and the difficulty to access certain areas are the two biggest obstacles to maintaining smaller apartment clean and tidy.

How to Do It?

Smart storage solutions will help you gain precious space and cut down the time for tidying and cleaning. Install extra shelves to organise everything from books to canned foods. Shoe holders or small racks on the inside of cabinet doors will keep spices, accessories, or tools in order. Hang a cabinet above the bedroom door, and get more space in your closet. If you want to refurnish consider swapping the old furniture with lighter pieces. Foldable chairs, collapsible tables and desks eliminate the problem with accessibility so you can reach every inch of the apartment every time you need to Spring-clean it. Furnishings with built-in storage space (like stools, bed frames, coffee tables, etc.) are a practical choice when you want to keep your apartment cleaner without giving up on style and comfort.
Try these tips, and you won’t need to lose precious time to maintain your apartment. And keep in mind that heavy-duty chores are better left to professionals especially when you want to keep only the essential tools and products. Book our Spring cleaning service and leave the messy, time-consuming jobs to us.