There is a stress-free way to a comfortable and cosy home!

Sometimes tidying and cleaning the house can seem like an impossible, overwhelming task and we tend to postpone it as long as we can. Luckily our experts decided to share 4 simple ways to keep your home organised and cleaned with ease.

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Keeping dry foods in stackable containers will save you a lot of space in the kitchen.

Get Rid of the Packaging

Original packaging of groceries tends to be rather bulky and takes a lot of the space in your home. One way to keep your cabinets clutter-free and organised is to consider investing in plastic or glass containers, preferably some kind you can stack neatly onto each other. And if you put the extra 5 minutes to label them, you will never have to wonder what’s inside.

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Actually, this tactics works excellent not only for dry food but also for cleaning detergents, pet food, small toys, office supplies and more. Ditching original packaging has one more unexpected benefit. Keeping everything in similar (or same type/size) containers creates a cohesive look and gives your storage spaces more minimalistic and organised feeling.

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There are a lot of small chores you can do in the evening, you can even fold laundry while watching TV!

Tidy Up in the Evening

Waking up to a dirty, messy house can have a demotivating effect on your whole day. Not to mention it can be quite time-consuming to get ready for work if you have to spend half of the morning searching for your things. However, this happens quite often if you leave all the tidying for the weekend. Instead of dedicating just one day of the week for organising and small clean-ups, The Happy House Cleaning’s experts recommend trying doing this chore every evening. If this is not possible – every other evening. Dedicate 15 minutes of your after-work time at home to tidying up. You will be amazed at how easy it is to keep your home organised and welcoming throughout the week.

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Spring Cleaning brightens your home and boosts your mood, so don’t skip it!

Don’t Skip on the Spring and Autumn Cleaning

Even if you clean and tidy up on regular basis dust, dirt, and chaos are still finding a way into your home. Deep cleaning the house once or even better – twice a year helps to keep your place in a great overall condition. We have already written about the importance of deep cleaning your home during Spring and Autumn. There are some fantastic things you can do for your own comfort and protection by not skipping these semi-annual clean-ups.

Placing a door mat near every entrance helps trap the dirt and dust transferring inside the house.

Minimise the Amount of Dirt Inside the House with Ease

We can’t help bringing dirt and grime into the home, especially when it’s raining. However, there is a simple solution. Our home cleaning experts advise to stock a few clean rags in a convenient spot in your hallway. You can also place doormats on every door to prevent fast soiling of your carpets. If you use a doormat to wipe your shoes when they are particularly wet and muddy, you will significantly lower the amount of dirt inside. Another great solution for preventing dirty floors and carpets, especially for the pet owners – place a tray or a placemat under your four-legged friends’ food and water bowls.

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