Professional cleaners master the art of fast and efficient cleaning – they don’t cut ends, don’t waste time – just do the job – and do it great! If you want to tackle with spring cleaning chores the easiest way, then take advantage of tips from our best professionals

Schedule Every Cleaning Task

Assign exact cleaning date. Schedule every step of the whole process, right down to the second. Stick to your spring cleaning checklist until you get the work done.

Pick Comfortable Clothes

The better you feel the faster you’ll be done with all chores. Take example from professional cleaners – wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Always use gloves when cleaning with toxic chemical cleaners. Get a cleaning apron to keep cloths, brushes and other tools always at hand.

Invest In Quality Multi-Use Tools

Don’t fall for TV commercials and get every little one-use gadget you see. Instead invest in quality, sturdy tools – brushes, mops, washable cleaning cloths. This will save you time, money and disappointment – classic cleaning equipment + some elbow grease = squeaky clean home.

Tidy Up Before Cleaning

Pick up clothes, dirty dishes, toys and clutter before you start the big spring cleaning. Even it takes a day to tidy up and put everything away it will be easier and faster to vacuum, wipe and dust from top to bottom and you’ll be ready with the chores.

Keep Your Tools at Hand

Have you ever seen a professional cleaner leave their task every five minutes to go and bring sponge, detergent or vacuum? They always carry their tools with them. Make a cleaning kit with everything you need to finish the task without stopping – the chores will fly and you’ll be done in no time.

Opt for Multi-Purpose Solutions

Instead of carrying specialized product for possible surface try to simplify you detergent kit. All-purpose cleaner, degreasing detergent, abrasive cleaner and wood spray are more than enough to handle the spring cleaning chores. Of course, you can always use homemade green cleaning solutions, but take in mind they need more time to dissolve the dirt.

Limit Distractions

Turn off the sound of your phone, the TV, don’t check your mail or chat. Instead play upbeat music to boost your energy and keep motivated. If you are getting bored easily team up with family member or a friend. Cleaning with your children is also a great way to teach them that everything at home needs proper maintenance to work well and look nice.

Clean Room By Room

Don’t waste your energy in circling the entire place all day long. Go from room to room and make every effort count – clean everything in your way as you go.

Two Hands Work Faster Than One

Try to use both your hands when attacking cleaning tasks. For example – with the spray in one hand and a cloth in the other, cleaning windows, mirrors and flat surfaces will be done in no time.

Tidy Up After Cleaning

Wrap up each job when you’re done. Return supplies, detergents and tools to their places, put the cleaning clothes in the laundry basket. Open the windows to let get rid of cleaning product odours. And, for a nice finishing touch – light scented candle and enjoy the result of your work!

Of course, if your budget allows it you can just call your local spring cleaning service and just leave the job to the professionals. 🙂