In the previous part of this post, we’ve shared with you 5 packing tips that would make your next moving-out a bit simpler. Here are the rest of the advice you can follow for a smooth and stress-free relocating.

Balanced weight in the moving vehicle mean safer transportation.

Load the Heaviest Items First

Weight distribution is essential when you want all your belongings to arrive safe and sound. After you are done packing put the heaviest boxes aside to be loaded first in the moving truck. This way you will prevent them from smashing other packages containing fragile items. This will also help distribute the weight evenly and can help you save some money on gasoline. The poorly distributed load can make the vehicle more difficult to conduct, so a well-balanced weight in the moving car also means lowering the risks of accidents.

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Try the trick below and you won’t have to loose time when packing and unpacking your clothes.

Pack Clothes on Hangers to Save Time

Packing up your wardrobe, and particularly the hanging clothes is quite time-consuming. Just think of all the blazers, shirts, and dresses you have to take off from their hangers. And even if you fold them carefully, you will probably need to iron them before you re-hang them when you unpack them at your new place. To simplify this chore, you can just take all the clothes off the rack without removing them from their hangers and put them in a bag. Leave the hooks jutting out of the end and tie them together to ensure they won’t be moving around during the relocation. Once you arrive at your new home, just untie the hangers and arrange them on the rod.

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Get the toiletries and other essentials in a separate easy to find box.

Pack a Box for the First Night

When you finally get to your new property, there is a big chance you will be pretty tired. Finding everything you need for the first night at your new home can be pretty challenging after relocating and could bring you over the edge. This is why the Happy House Cleaning experts advice to always pack a “first night bag” when packing your belongings. This bag should contain pyjamas, toothbrush, toothpaste and some other basic toiletries, clean underwear, as well as some medicine. It is also a good idea to pack some ready-made meals to avoid cooking after the long move-out day. Follow this tip, and you will be able to get a good rest before you have to continue with the general unpacking the following days.

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Having someone to help keep the kids busy will make packing during moving out easier and safer.

Hire a Babysitter for the Moving Day

Most people of us don’t realise how distracting and stressful packing and moving can be. Things get even more complicated when you have small children. They can get bored and start playing around during the preparation and loading, which can slow the whole process and even – to lead to accidents. This is why our experts advise you to hire an experienced babysitter or ask a relative to help watch your children on a moving day. This will get you some extra time to deal with the relocation chores without worrying about keeping your kids busy and safe.

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You can prevent unpleasant accidents by taping glass items when packing them.

Tape Mirrors and Glass Items for a Safe Transportation

Stick masking or painters tape on all mirrors and glass items before loading them into the moving car. This might not prevent the material from breaking during the move, but it will keep the glass inside the frame. This way all of the other items won’t get covered in small sharp pieces of glass and unloading them will be safer for you. A simple, yet effective way to avoid accidents and getting to the ER right after you relocate.

Pack the tools you will need right away separately to save time when assembling the furnishings at your new home.

Keep Tools and in Sealed Plastic Bags

After you disassemble big pieces of furniture, put all screws in Ziploc bags and label them. Use a separate bag for each set of screws to make sure it will be easy to find what you need as soon as you decide to assemble the item at your new place. It’s also a good idea to place all the tools you will need to get the furnishings back together in a small box, and you won’t need to go through your big toolbox wandering what to use during the unpacking.

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If you want to have more time to organise your relocation leave the move-out cleaning to us. Let us handle your rental property so you will be able to please even the most demanding landlord and take your deposit money back.