If you want to enjoy the result from the renovation you need to take care of the dust after the construction work is over.

After we finish the renovation project at home, we are ready just to sit back and enjoy the renewed space, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t possible – not yet. Before you can kick off your shoes and get comfortable on your sofa, you need to go through the after builders cleaning of your home. You should focus on removing all the dust and debris left from construction work to prevent it from ending up in the ventilation system of the place and clogging the air vents. Virtually all renovation projects produce dust particles that viciously sneak into each and every nook and cranny of the area you’ve so carefully revamped. Don’t allow layers of dust to make your freshly renovated house looking worn and shabby. Strap on a dust mask and try this foolproof 5-step routine to deal with the post-construction cleaning of your sanctuary.

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After Builders Cleaning Checklist for a Dust-Free Home

The Happy House Cleaning experts guarantee that if you follow this to-do list step-by-step you can deal with the dust and debris left after construction and renovation without resourcing to professional cleaners.

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Carpets, rug, and soft furnishings need to be deep clean from the dust after construction.

Take Care of Carpets and Soft Furniture

Regardless of all your efforts to cover floors and furnishings to protect them, dust and dirt somehow manage to sneak out. These small particles get trapped fabric items like upholstered furniture, carpets, and curtains (if you were overoptimistic and forgot to hang them down!). If you allow dust to settle after renovation and construction work, the result will not only be unaesthetic but can also cause damage. When left between the fabric fibres dust loosens the weave and leads to wear and tear of the material.

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To prevent all that, get the vacuum and thoroughly run it over all soft furniture and carpet. Change the attachments to make sure you won’t miss cleaning even hard to reach areas like folds and crevices in the fabric. If your sofa has removable cushions, it is best to take them outside and literally beat the dust off them. Don’t forget to vacuum the mattresses, as well as the underlying frames of furniture and beds. Repeat the whole routine one more time when you have finished cleaning all the surfaces in the house.

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Clean the walls from the dust after the renovation to protect the newly painted surface.

Clean the Walls from Dust and Dirt Particles

Start by removing the dust from the ceilings and walls because even they collect dirt during home improvement. Dry dusting is the best way to wipe off the particles without fouling up the freshly plastered and decorated surface. However, in some cases, you can use a damp microfibre towel, depending on the type of paint used for the walls. Refer to the manufacturer before cleaning the surface with moisture. Don’t forget to vacuum all decorative embellishments like mouldings and pediments since the dust particles easily hide around their crevices.

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Pay attention to details and carving of wooden furniture as dust and particles left from construction can easily get trapped there.

Wipe and Polish Furnishings and Hard Surfaces

Wipe all hard surfaces starting from the top and making your way down. Vacuum the bookshelves and shelves inside of all cabinets. Wipe all countertops, bookshelves, doorframes and other flat surfaces and hard furnishings around the house to get the place is dust-free. Don’t forget the windowsills, window frames, and all the handles and doorknobs. In some cases, building gets quite messy, and you might have to vacuum even the bathroom and toilet to make their further cleaning easier. Finish with thorough wall-to-wall moping and polishing of hard floors and tiles.

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Cleaning the filters of your air-conditioner guarantees better indoor air quality and less dust at home.

Clear the Ventilation System and Change Air Filters

During the home renovation project, dust and debris become part of the indoor air and make their way to the vents. Even if you renew only one area of your place, it is crucial to checkup and take care of the whole ventilation of your home. Changing the filters in the renovated space is essential to decrease the amount of dust flowing through the air-ducts otherwise particles will spread through the rest of the house. Remove all grids covering the vents, clean each one with soap and water, and let them dry completely before putting them back. Replace all air filters with fresh ones even if they don’t look that filthy. Dust particles left after builders are fine and don’t look like much; nevertheless, they’re there. Inhaling these particles is dangerous, as it can trigger allergies and respiratory conditions.

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All small accessories collect dust during a renovation at home.

Final Touches for a Dust-Free Home After the Renovation

Don’t forget the clean any fixtures, accessories and small items in the construction area for an entirely dust-free home. Here is a short list of furnishings and objects we tend to overlook when cleaning after building and renovation work:

  • The blades of the ceiling fan
  • Light fixtures
  • Chandeliers and lamp shades
  • Electronic devices (routers, TV, laptops) – check how to clean electronics safely here.
  • Appliances (coils of the fridge, extractor hood filters, air conditioner filters)
  • Decorative items (picture frames, vases, magazine holders)
  • Interior accessories (hatstands, mirrors, curtain rails, coat hooks)

Nobody can blame you if you don’t have the strength to deal with the mess after renovating your place! Everybody deserves a rest, and we can help you get yours! Just book professional after builders cleaning and enjoy a reliable service at time and date that fit your schedule!