For most people ironing is one of the most nerve-stretching chores – and a necessary evil when having small kids, or working in a professional environment. However, an elegant, meticulously ironed outfit can open you a lot of doors, so if you haven’t crafted this skill yet, this article is just for you.

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9 Tricks and Secrets for Fast and Easy Ironing

Our specialists shared a list of tricks that will help you save time and achieve excellent results when ironing any garment.

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1. Prevent Iron Marks on Dark Fabrics

Always iron dark clothes and linens inside out. This way you will avoid getting sheen and scuff marks from the iron on the front part of the fabric. Always iron dark garments inside out.

2. Using the Right Type of Water

Fill the tank of the iron only with boiled or distilled water, even if the manual of your iron declares you can use any kind we strongly recommend you to avoid using the one from the tap. This method will prolong the life of your appliance, as hard deposits can clog the vents and may even get onto your clothes.

3. Motion Matters

Never iron your clothes with circular strokes as this can stretch the fabric’s fibres. Always press lengthwise to ensure your garments remain in excellent condition. To remove stubborn wrinkles use the steam setting on the appliance.

4. Keep Your Iron Clean

Cleaning your iron well will prolong the life of the appliance. Try out our iron cleaning tips and tricks below to deal with this task fast and easy.

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5. Is There the Best Place to Iron?

Surprisingly, our specialists say ‘Yes’. Iron your clothes in or near the room that you store them. In most cases, our wardrobes and linen-chests are in the bedroom, so it makes sense to iron there and not lose time carrying everything around the whole house. You can also hang ironed garments right away to keep their shape and avoid wrinkling of the fabric.

6. Save Time and Energy

Always start ironing the items requiring the lowest temperature and continue with those that need higher. That will help you save on your electricity bills and will win you a few minutes.

7.A Simple Trick for the Perfect Plies

Do you want to iron pleated clothes like a pro? Hold the fabric with paper clips to create the perfect shape. Press the iron gently and stroke lengthwise until you achieve the wanted result.

8. Prevent Wrinkles on Freshly Ironed Fabric

Place a piece of cardboard between the front and the back of the garment to avoid wrinkles on the freshly ironed side.

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9. Protect Sensitive Fabrics and Materials

Silk, lace, as well as blend fabrics, containing both natural and artificial fibres, can be easily damaged by hot temperature. Lay a clean towel over the garment and iron using the lowest temperature setting of your appliance.

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