These cleaning and organisation tricks will make your jaw drop.

Our professional cleaners are always interested in learning more cleaning methods and experimenting to see the results. Searching for surprising tricks and recipes has become a hobby for some of our technicians, and we can often hear them discussing their strangest findings. We have asked our cleaning team to pick the most efficient and handy tricks they know for our readers, and the result is the list below.

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How to Clean Anything, Anywhere, Anytime (with Limited Supplies)

Some of the hacks we share today are great for dealing with everyday chores at home, while others can help you contain the situation during a trip or while at work. However, they all provide an alternative solution for those moments when you don’t have specialised cleaning products and tools at hand.

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This is probably the best way to clean suede without using a specialised product or tool.

Clean Suede Shoes with Lint Roller

Suede is a stylish choice for shoes and accessories, but this material quickly gets dirty and starts looking shabby. Removing dust or scuff marks from suede shoes can be tricky if you don’t have a specialised cleaning product at hand. However, you can pick up dirt and dust from this capricious leather using a lint roller. Gently run the tool onto the shoes, without pressing too much. The light adhesive will collect the dirt, without ruining the suede.

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Grab the salt to remove the grease stain while it’s still fresh.

Remove Grease a Stain With Salt

Getting a grease stain on your clothes when you aren’t home doesn’t mean you need to put up with the unsightly spot during the whole day. Dampen the spot with little water (don’t over-soak it) and pour table salt generously over the area without pressing or rubbing. Let it sit for 15 minutes to let the salt soak up the grease, then carefully brush the condiment off. The method conceals the spot, especially on dark clothes, prevents it from becoming a permanent stain and makes it easier to wash the garment later.

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Play dough is your best friend when you need to clean glitter.

Use Play Dough to Get Rid of Glitter

Even the most powerful vacuum can fail to do the job if you have to remove tricky small particles from the carpet – like the annoying glitter or the dangerous little chunks of glass. However, play dough is a great “tool” for this task! So next time you can’t collect all the tiny particles from your carpet, grab a ball of the modelling compound and gently dab the area and you will be able to pick everything in seconds.

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Olive oil is a natural leather conditioner.

Condition Leather with Olive Oil

There are plenty of products designed to condition and polish leather furnishings, shoes, and accessories. However, if you don’t have any specialised conditioner at hand, you can use olive oil for dark leather. Apply a few drops of olive oil on a soft cotton cloth and gently rub the surface you want to condition. Don’t use this trick for light-coloured leather to prevent unwanted staining. You can use colourless petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to treat light leather goods and furnishings safely.

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This surpRICEing cleaning trick removes stubborn residues in hard to reach places.

Clean Tall Containers with Rice

Sometimes there is dried food or liquids left in a bottle or other tall, hard to clean container even after soaking with water and soap. These residues can be cleaned fast and easy with rice! Pour a spoon of the grains inside the bottle along with some cold water and a few drops of liquid soap. Cover the lid and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. The rice will scrub off all the residues. Rinse the container thoroughly and let it dry. Voila!

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Fight fire with fire: try this trick next time you have to deal with red wine stain.

Clean Wine with Wine

If you spill red wine onto your shirt at a party, you don’t have to wait until it dries to clean it. All you need to remove the beverage and prevent it from becoming a stubborn stain is some more wine. Yes, you have read this correctly! Pour a small amount of the white wine directly on the red wine spill. Try to stretch the textile a bit and pour through it, only where necessary to avoid spreading the red coloured liquid. Rinse the spot on the fabric with cold water to get rid of the smell and alcohol residues. Wash your garment as usual.

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