Our expert cleaners are always eager to find out alternative cleaning methods and love to experiment to see the results. In our previous post, we have shared the first 6 cleaning hacks that allow you to clean almost anything with limited supplies. Today we continue with 5 more amazing cleaning tricks.

Use paper tape to deal with pet hair on furniture and clothes fast and easy.

Tape Out The Annoying Pet Hair

Only pet owners know how frustrating is to remove all the fur from the furniture and clothes, especially when you are in a hurry. Fortunately, there is an easy and fast way to deal with pet hair – all you need is paper tape. Wrap a piece of the adhesive tape around the palm of your hand and gently tap onto the upholstery or garment to collect the fur. This trick is wonderful if you need to clean your coat in a middle of a workday when you don’t have a lint roller at hand.

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You can easily remove the stale odour from your water bottle using nothing but vinegar.

Fight Bad Odours in Plastic Utensils and Boxes with Vinegar

If your plastic containers and utensils have soaked some strong food odour and you can’t get rid of it, there’s no need to throw them in the junk. Instead, you can use white vinegar to deodorise the plastic kitchenware. Fill the containers in warm water and let them soak for a while, then wash them with dishwashing liquid. After cleaning with soap, fill the containers with a solution made from 1 part of white vinegar and 3 parts of warm water. Let them sit like this for 1 hour. Rinse and dry.

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You can use coarse salt for scrubbing off stubborn stains on cooking pans and pots at home.

Remove Stubborn Stains From Cookware with Salt

Removing burnt milk, old grease, and scorched food on pots and pans are among the least favourite cleaning chores. For most people dealing with old and stubborn stains means putting on rubber gloves and using the strongest detergent. However, cleaning your pots with salt might be easier. Presoak the dirty cookware with warm water and add a generous pinch of salt. Let the pot stay like this for 30 minutes and throw out the liquid. For especially stubborn stains, you can sprinkle the spot with salt after presoaking with the salty solution and scrub with a sponge. Rinse and wash the pot as usual.

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Remove tea and coffee stains from your favourite cup with lemon.

Use Lemon to Make the Porcelain As New

If your favourite cup has gotten brownish from tea and coffee, you can easily return the shining white colour of the porcelain using nothing but lemon! So next time, after washing the cup, rub the coffee and tea stains with a lemon wedge and let it sit like this for 30 minutes. After the time is up, wash off the lemon juice with soapy water and rinse the cup well.

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You can prolong the life of your epilator if you clean it regularly using rubbing alcohol.

Clean Electric Shavers and Epilator Heads with Rubbing Alcohol

If you have the feeling that you razor’s blades have lost their sharpness or that your epilator just doesn’t work as well as before, don’t rush to the store to get a new one. Over time, a thin coat of skin cells and oils covers the epilator’s tweezers or the shaver’s blades and prevents them from working properly. You can easily sanitize the device and make it work as new. Soak the epilator or shaver’s head in pure rubbing alcohol. After 20 minutes scrub the area with a soft brush. Rinse with rubbing alcohol, to remove the residues. Let the gadget dry completely before using it. The alcohol will dissolve the dirt fast, without damaging the device. You can use this trick for cleaning hair clippers as well.

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