No matter if it is a birthday party or just regular gathering it is great to invite your friends at home. But usually after everything is over there is a huge mess and it seems that is impossible to deal with it. In this article we will explain simple and easy steps to clean your home – before and after party.

Preparations Before the Party

The easiest way to avoid a long and boring clean-up after your party is to prepare well BEFORE it. Roll the rugs and put them away, put covers on the sofa and armchairs – it will be easier to wash the covers than to clean the upholstery. Put away all valuable and fragile items. Lock the areas you want to keep off-limit. Get some plastic cups and dishes if you don’t happen to have a dishwasher – you can throw them away after the party is over.

Make sure you have microfibre cloths, paper towels and a spot cleaner at hand – this way you can take care of any spills and stains as they happen. Leave a garbage bin in the room – at some place everyone could see it and easily use it – this will reduce the trash left. Put extra toilet paper and soap in the bathroom.


When the party is over (and probably after you got a few hours of sleep) prepare all the things you’ll need to clean – plastic bags, gloves, laundry basket, cloth, all-purpose cleaner (You can make one yourself! Check theseawesome recipes for replacing dangerous cleaning products with natural homemade ones!) and, of course, a vacuum and a mop. Now, you are ready to clean after the party!

It will be very nice if you can recruit some friends to help you with cleaning – some extra hands can deal with the task easier than having to do it alone. With these 3 easy steps you will be able to clean efficiently every room in your home.


Bring in the laundry basket, and the garbage bag to collect all the plates, cups, serving dishes and empty packs and bottles and bring them to your kitchen. Remove the covers from sofa and armchairs and put them into your washing machine.


Grab the microfiber cloth and the all-purpose cleaner. Go to every room and spot clean all spills, cup rings and stains you come across.


This is the final and easiest step! Vacuum the party area and mop the floor. You can also vacuum your sofa and armchairs it needed.

Bonus tip: clean up the party areas as soon as you can – even if you are tired at least execute Step 1 – removing all leftovers from food and alcohol, because they smell really horrible the next day!

Voila! You are done with after party cleaning! For a final touch you can light a fragranced candle or, when the weather allows it – leave the windows wide open in order to refresh the air.