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After Party Cleaning Service

Our Sweet Cleaner Ema Performing After Party Cleaning in a London MansionIf you are looking for a London company to clean after your birthday party, we can help. Call The Happy House Cleaning agency on 020 7101 4326. We’re pretty sure our professional team can clean any party mess! You can get a competitive quote for the most affordable after party cleaning services in London.

Professional After Party Cleaning

The Happy House Cleaning won’t leave a corner untouched! We start with collecting and removing all plastic glasses, bottles, dishes/plates and other rubbish from around your home. Then we carry on with living room where we clean and dust all hard surface areas. Mirrors and glass surfaces get cleaned as well. Before we leave the room, we either vacuum or mop it, depending on its texture.

Areas in your home we pay extra attention:


  • Kitchen – the focal point of any party, we start with removing trash and washing dirty glasses, dishes and plates. Then we scrub and shine sink and tabs before we move on to appliances, cupboards and surfaces. We finish with vacuuming or mopping floors.
  • Bathroom – we clean all surfaces, disinfecting and scrubbing toilet, vanity, sink and shower. Vacuuming and mopping floor in the end.
  • Common areas – remove marks on walls, cleaning mirrors or other glass surfaces, dusting. Again we end with vacuuming or mopping the floor.

Benefits Choosing Our Cleaners

You can call us before the party and book a service in advance. But if you contact us after it, we would be happy to help you as well. All that matters to us is to return the clean and shiny look of your home. You can be sure it can happen, because we send a team of professional cleaners.

  • Crew of hard-working and experienced cleaners
  • All the necessary equipment, tools and detergents
  • 100% Clean Home Guarantee
  • Flexible time-slots
  • No hidden fees

Book a Cleaning Now!

Give us a call before or after the party on 020 7101 4326 to schedule a visit from one of our London after party cleaning teams. Our assistants can arrange it in minute and answer all your questions. The Happy House Cleaning offers some of the most competitive prices and takes pride on all cleaning services delivered. We’re confident enough you will call us again the next time you have a party at your home!