End of tenancy cleaning is a deep purge of a rental property. While domestic cleaning is just a regular clean of a rental or home. So what’s the big difference? They both clean properties, don’t they? The answer is yes, they do. But even though they do, they are completely different services, offering completely different things. That’s why we, the Happy House Cleaning Services, have put together an article to highlight the differences between end of tenancy and domestic cleaning. Happy Reading!

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What are End of Tenancy Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning Services?

First of all, you need to know the basics to each cleaning service. Then we’ll go into further detail about the differences between end of tenancy and domestic cleaning. Here is a short explanation of the two services:

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a service performed by a team of cleaning specialists. Professionals with lots of hands-on experience and extensive training before that. They follow a strict and thorough check-list for a deep-clean of the property before new tenants. This guarantees the property is in the best condition it could be. The service can be organised by the tenants, agencies or landlords, depending on the arrangement. Tenants usually hire end of lease cleaners to guarantee the full return of their security deposit before leaving the rental.

differences between end of tenancy and domestic cleaning

What is Domestic Cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is a service generally performed by one cleaner. Domestic cleaning covers most of the chores around the house. Dusting, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, disinfecting, removing cobwebs, and so on. It isn’t usually as thorough a job as the end of tenancy cleaning service. There are two types of domestic cleaning:

  • Regular domestic cleaning – a domestic cleaner comes regularly, weekly or fortnightly. For this you would have to provide the cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • One-off domestic cleaning – a domestic cleaner would come once. This is ideal for spring cleaning, after party cleaning, or even after a light renovation. For the one-off domestic cleaning service, we will provide the necessary equipment and supplies.

Differences Between End of Tenancy and Domestic Cleaning

Now, you may have or may have not used domestic cleaners before. They generally tend to be great for keeping on top of your weekly chores. So, you may be wondering if they could help with an end of tenancy clean? Unfortunately, no. Regular domestic cleaners don’t perform the same kind of deep clean that landlords require. Here are a few things that will help highlight the differences between end of tenancy and domestic cleaning:

  1. Carpet cleaning – a domestic cleaner will vacuum your carpet thoroughly. But if there are any stains or deeper grime, they don’t use the hot water extraction method for stain removal.
  2. Cleaning products – domestic cleaners tend to use whatever the client has at home. End of tenancy cleaners use a wide range of top-notch products, each specialised for the job.
  3. Places that are easy to forget – End of tenancy cleaners are vetted professionals with lots of hands-on experience. They have trained eyes that spot even the most unlikely place for dirt to appear. Domestic cleaners usually cover a custom list (made by you), so it’s easy to look over quite important details.
  4. Limescale – end of tenancy cleaners take care of limescale removal. Domestic cleaners don’t usually bother with that type of chore.
  5. Schedule, checklist, and charges – domestic cleaning services are usually offered at an hourly rate with a minimum of 3 hours. The time they are there is decided by the client and the checklist also. Whereas end of tenancy cleaners have a strict schedule and checklist that they follow and fixed prices depending on the size of the property. They won’t leave until the job is done.

I think it’s starting to dawn, no? End of tenancy cleaning and domestic cleaning services are two completely different things. Make sure you know which one you need!