Tenant turnover can be a bit of a headache for landlords. Especially if one set of tenants are leaving on the same day the new tenants are moving in. That is why it is important to get organised and plan things out step by step. We at Happy House Cleaning have put together this new tenant checklist for landlords to help you get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

First Steps with New Tenants

new tenant checklist for landlords

Getting everything document-related is a very important step that landlords should prioritise. There are a few other tasks that landlords should get out of the way along with that, if not shortly after that. Here is our advice on how to get these things in order:

  1. Sign the lease agreement with your new tenants – this is a legally binding document that sets the terms of the agreement. This should be done before collecting any money.
  2. Collect first months rent and security deposit. Make sure check clears before handing over the keys.
  3. Now it is time to confirm a moveout date with the previous tenants, so as you can inform the new tenants when they can move in.
  4. Send a welcome letter to your new tenants with information such as how to use utilities, details on how to pay rent, how to report issues, and anything else you think may be important.

Preparing the Rental Property After the Previous Tenants Leave

Now it’s time for the hard work – inspection and preparation of the rental property. This can be quite a monstrous task, but with our new tenant checklist for landlords, it will seem like a breeze.

  1. We will start right at the beginning – inspection of the property and reviewing the move-out checklist. You should then review the move-out checklist, checking everything that has been marked by the previous tenants.
  2. Repair any damage beyond the normal wear and tear. The property should be spick and span for new tenants.
  3. After you have reviewed the move-out checklist, it is time to return the deposit to the old tenants. If there was any damage beyond normal wear and tear, deduct the cost from the security deposit and provide a receipt for the costs.
  4. Make any necessary renovations and make time for painting and drying if needed.
  5. Change the locks.
  6. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. New tenants safety is important.
  7. Schedule professional cleaners to make sure the property is presentable. This should include carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning if the furnishings need a bit of life brought back to them. If end of tenancy cleaners are needed, you may have the right to deduct the cost from the previous tenants deposit. Check out this professionally approved end of tenancy cleaning checklist.
  8. Take pictures of the property to prove the condition of the rental if needed in the future.

Welcoming your New Tenants

Now it is time to welcome your new tenants. After they have picked up the keys, you should provide them with a move-in checklist. Ask them to fill it in and return it in 72 hours. After they return it, review it with them, and if everything is in order, sign it. Be sure to keep this safe for when they move out.

If the new tenants agree, you can set up online rental payments, simplifying the rental collecting arrangement. No one has to go out of their way to collect rent.

Need Professional Cleaners?

Tenant turnover can be a stressful, time-consuming task. Especially if you need to organise property hygiene as well as all the other tasks that letters need to get done. Happy House Cleaning Services can lift a bit of that weight off your shoulders. We offer a vast array of reliable cleaning services such as One-off cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and many more. Check out our website for more information.

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