Relocating can be a stressful and exhausting experience, especially if you are on the clock. However, with these 10+ packing and organisational tips from the Happy House Cleaning team will turn you into a move-out expert for your next move.

A pre-move-out garage sale is a good idea when dealing with the things you won’t need anymore.

Throw a Garage Sale ASAP

Every item you decide to take with you when relocating means a lot of work – packing, labelling, and lifting. Not to mention the more things you move, the more you will have to invest in transporting them. Go through your belongings, decide what you really want/need to keep and get rid of the rest. Our cleaning and organisation experts recommend throwing a garage sale instead of just tossing the items you won’t need. This way you can even make some money and invest them in transportation, porter fees, or in end-of-tenancy cleaning in case you are leaving a rental home.

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Using vague labels often causes as much confusion as not putting descriptions at all.

Stick Detailed Labels on Everything

Make yourself a favour and get into excruciating details when labelling your belongings after you pack them. Most people don’t go beyond “kitchen stuff”, “clothes”, or “fragile” to mark the content of the boxes and bags they are about to move. Having such vague labels is better than not having labels at all, but won’t help you find the exact thing you are looking for after the relocation unless you unbox everything. Spare some extra time and carefully describe the items in each box and bag to save time and efforts when unpacking. Here is an excellent labelling hack – take a picture of the contents of the boxes with your phone before sealing them, save the photo using a number and write a number on each container.

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Storage containers like this one can be stacked which makes them perfect for transportation.

Swap the Cardboard Boxes for Clear Plastic Containers

Consider getting a few transparent plastic boxes, instead of cardboard ones when you plan the relocation. Use them to store the items you know you will want to find immediately at any point after the relocation. For instance, you can pack your child’s favourite toys and clothes, or items for personal hygiene such as toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap and shampoo.

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Make sure the movers know which boxes contain fragile items.

Packing Tricks for Fragile Items

Get creative when packing fragile items like crystal glasses and mirrors when moving. For instance, If you want to protect the mirror, you can wrap it in paper and slide it between the box spring and the mattress of your bed. Crystal glasses should be carefully wrapped in paper or bubble wrap before placed together in a box. You can also wrap fragile items in newspapers and wrap fabric cloths around them to fill the space and make sure they don’t touch any hard surface.

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A few pictures of your electronics’ setup can save you hours of wiring when you move in your new place.

Take Pictures of the Electronics’ Setup

Connecting all the devices after relocating can be a challenging experience. Before unplugging your computers, router, or TV take photos of the cables. This way you will know how to easily wire everything back without reading the electronics’ manuals or watching endless how-to videos on the web.

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If you want to get your deposit back when moving out of your rental, don’t hesitate to book our professional end of lease cleaning service. The cleaners will leave the property in a pristine condition and make sure you pass the final inspection with the landlord.