In the first part of the article “10 Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home,“ we have explained how important hygiene is if you want to prevent the flu virus from spreading and affecting your family’s health. We have written how to clean dishes, cutlery, kitchen surfaces, towels, bed linens and more. Today we continue with our list of things you need to disinfect to avoid a flu outbreak at home.

A lot of contagious things went into the garbage can, so make sure to clean it well to prevent spreading the virus.

Garbage cans

If you had a sick person at home, your garbage bins have probably kept many contagious things during the flu so don’t skip to give them a thorough cleaning. Once you have emptied the garbage can, you can steam clean the container with a portable steamer. Another good way to get rid of the germs is to spray the bin with a strong disinfectant, leave it for a few minutes, and then scrub and rinse thoroughly.

Sanitise all the electronic devices, especially those used by everyone in the house.

Electronic Devices

Electronics like cell phones or remote controls are among the most used items at home. This is why to prevent an outbreak of the illness during the flu season it is a good idea to give them a good wipe with a disinfectant. Don’t forget to clean phones and cell phones, laptops, computer keyboards, tablets, TV and air conditioner’s remotes. You can use antibacterial wet wipes, a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol, or a soft microfiber towel and a spray disinfectant. Allow all the electronics to air dry before using them again.

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Regular mattress cleaning is a must if you want to stay healthy during the flu season.


Our bodies release sweat during a fever, and it inevitably goes through the bed linens and onto the mattress. If you had a sick person at home, it is a good idea to clean their bedding after they have recovered steam clean the bedding and let it aerate well. You can check more information on how to maintain your mattress here but take in mind that it is a good idea to have the mattress deep cleaned after the flu.

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Sheets and blankets get covered in viruses when we are sick, so they need to be changed and washed to prevent a flu outbreak at home.

Blankets, Sheets, Pyjamas

We spread viruses when sweating, sneezing, and coughing while sick so you can be sure everything you wore and everything you have laid on during the sickness is covered with germs. Changing and washing the sheets, blankets and pyjamas on the highest possible temperature the fabric allows is a must to kill the bacteria. You can also wash pillows in the washing machine, just make sure that you don’t overload the washer – it’s best if you run only pillows in one load.

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Stuffed animals are good companions when children are sick but make sure to wash them well after the illness is gone.

Toys and Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals can be machine washed along the other bedding to eliminate bacteria. You can also steam clean stuffed toys if you are not sure they will survive the machine washing. Hard toys can be steam cleaned to kill the germs on the surface. Most plastic and wooden toys can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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Clean the bathroom thoroughly during the flu season to keep the illness away from your family.

Bathroom and Toilet

Bathrooms and toilets need a good cleaning and disinfecting both during and after an illness. You need to pay special attention to faucets, sinks, the showerhead and toilet bowl. The fastest and easiest way to kill bacteria in your bathroom is to steam clean all the surfaces. Alternatively, you can spray all the surfaces with disinfectant, wait a few minutes then rinse with hot water.

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Everybody needs a break – there’s no need to do everything by yourself. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need a hand putting your house back in order after. Our home cleaning professionals will help you deal with the mess in no time without you lifting a finger!