Last week we ran into very curious article. – a website for tips on selling property with maximum profit asked Populus – one of the UK’s leading research agencies to discover what are the things that are most likely to put off potential customers when selling your home.

Some of the things that can chase potential buyers away – like noisy neighbours, or poor mobile network coverage are beyond seller’s control. But other things that can repulse buyers or make them want serious price reductions – like the condition of your property are completely reparable.

Read how to deal with flaws and highlight advantages in order to get the best price when selling your property.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Whether it is because of lower energy bills or because more buyers nowadays embrace green lifestyle, high energy efficiency is top priority when discussing the price of properties. 36% of the participants in the survey said they would ask for thousands of pounds of cut off from the seller’s price, while 16% would search for another property. Before putting your home on the market invest some money in insulating the walls, or at least – change the windows and seal the doorframes, before asking for evaluation of the energy performance of the property.

Clear the Space

Lack of storage space is among the top reasons making potential buyers want a discount. If your home isn’t very big you can create an illusion of more storage space by emptying the closets and cupboards in half and organise neatly their content. For this trick you might have to hire a storage space to put your stuff but it’s worth it. You can add a mirror or two in the particularly small areas – mirrors also create illusion of a bigger space.

Let the Light in

Wash the curtains and pull them aside, allowing the natural light to enter the rooms freely . Cleaning the windows before inviting potential buyer is a must. You can either hire professional cleaners, or you can try this 7-step method for impeccably clean windows by yourself. Put stronger light bulbs in areas that don’t have natural light source – like bathrooms and hallway. Avoid luminescent light bulbs – opt for soft, warm light – it creates warmer and healthier atmosphere in any room.

De-personalise the Property

Make sure to take the “home” out of your place – all toys, family photos and other personal stuff, but keep some books and stylish accessories – this is another trick from home selling agents’ arsenal. Keep the pets away when showing the house to potential buyers – don’t forget that not everybody is an animal lover, and some people are even afraid of cats and dogs. The more depersonalised the house, the easier for potential buyers to perceive as their new home.

Small Fixes – Big Impact

Sometimes small problems can make really big impression. This is why, before putting your property on the market make sure there are no dripping faucets, squeaking doors and windows. Change the light switches, and doorknobs of your kitchen cupboards – these little inexpensive renovations will definitely boost the value of the property. You can also check how to conceal small decoration mistakes in this article.

What about the garden and the garage, should you hire professional home cleaners to help you tidy and cleaup the property and how to stage your home when selling it – read next week in our blog.