We all make mistakes when it comes to renovating our homes. Even professional interior designers do. Be it an inappropriate wall colour, of wrong furniture size, or buying an accessory that doesn’t quite fit the room interior – can happen to anybody. But with a little imagination and effort you could turn the decoration mistake into a perk.

1 Make Bold or Dark Colours Look Softer

The new colour you’ve chosen for your walls or upholstery turned out too strong? Instead or re-painting or re-upholstering the furniture try to alternate the appearance of the room by choosing the right accessories and smaller objects. For example – the dark violet sofa can be refreshed with a few throw pillows in light, soft colours. To turn the focus away from the intensive colours of your wall, hang some wall art – be it prints or photography in black and white – lighter tones will lower the intensity of the dark, solid colour.

2 Finding the Perfect Place for New Furnishings

Very often when people order a piece of furniture from a catalogue or the Internet, it turns out it’s not looking the way they imagined in their home. Don’t hurry to get rid off the new piece, but try to find a new place for it. Move it around, change the place of a few other things – may be the lamp, or rug you bought for your living room looks great in the bedroom, or your cabinet. You’ll never know unless you try.

3 Create a Colour Pattern

If bought something you really like, but it doesn’t quite fit your home you can always add more elements that will help it look at the right place. The easiest way is to repeat the color. Complete the set of bold green dining chairs with a fruit bowl, or a vase in the very same colour. Little accessories like picture frames, throw pillows or a small rug will help you create wonderful ensemble, making the unusual object look at home.

4 Use White to Combine Non Matching Objects

Sometimes, when shopping new accessories we end up with a bunch of items that doesn’t seem to match at all. To combine and highlight the beauty of different styles just add white items. If you don’t like the colour, use cream or beige, or another light nuance and you will achieve the same great result.

5 Use Mirrors to “Enlarge” the Space

If you painted you living room with solid colour it may look smaller than before. Hanging mirrors on key places will make the room look lighter and spacious. This optical illusion is also great for small areas like hallway or cabinet.

6 Embrace the Flaws

Sometimes the tiny design flaws are what make the house memorable and different. The elements that aren’t fitting perfectly are exactly the things that make a room unique. Embrace the flaws and learn to love them, and don’t forget that innovation and creativity start where dogma and perfection end.

Follow these tips to enjoy your renovated place. And remember – regular domestic cleaning is a must if you want to keep the as-new look of your home.