Plan these home cleaning chores ahead.

August is a time of transition. The school year is approaching, and the weather is slowly getting colder. But you still have a few good weeks left to tackle some chores and prepare your home for autumn.

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A clean pantry means more space for preserved summer fruits and veggies.

Clean the Pantry

August is the perfect time to deal with your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Spare a few hours and go through your food storage to get rid of anything that is expired or outdated. Don’t limit yourself to the pantry and check the situation in your fridge and freezer, too. You can always donate some food that hasn’t been expired to the local food bank, especially if you are not sure if you are going to eat it. Having a clean and organised kitchen cabinets helps you maintain your home cleaner in colder months and prepare meals faster and with ease.

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Refresh and Clear the Closet

The end of summer is also a great time to start organising and separating your outfits. Donate any shoes and clothes that you are not wearing and also, the garments your kids have outgrown in the past few months. This way, you will make enough space for new seasonal clothes and school outfits. You can even take advantage of the end-of-season sales and get some items like shorts, swimming suits, flip-flops and equipment ahead and at a discounted price.

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Check the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Conduct a home energy assessment before the cold season. This way, you can find if there is a need to upgrade and renovate to increase energy efficiency and save money during the winter. You can either do the assessment on your own or resource this job to a professional. This chore helps locate air leaks by inspecting insulation, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, the work of your appliances and more.

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Give Your Kitchen a Thorough Deep Cleaning

Spare a few hours to deal with the most unpleasant kitchen cleaning chores. Aim to tackle the dirtiest tasks like unclogging the drains, sanitising the garbage and recycling bins, deep-clean your oven as well as your fridge and freezer. Deep kitchen cleaning is a great chore for the middle of august because it will help you start autumn with a spotless and functional cooking area in fall and winter months. This will help you ease your everyday life, especially with the start of the school year.

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Clean Summer Gear and Organise the Garage

As the summer comes to an end, you will be using summer equipment less and less every day. Inspect all the inflatable toys, outdoor furnishings and sports gear for damage or wear. And while you are on it, you can spare and extra hour or two and reorganise the garage. Make sure everything can be found quickly, and you have enough space. Clean everything that you can still use before putting it away for the next year.

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Deep-Clean the Carpets and Furnishings

Now is the perfect time to tackle the deep cleaning of rugs and upholstered furniture. The weather allows everything to dry fast and most professional carpet cleaning companies offer considerable discounts, especially if you book more than one service.  Clean carpets and furnishings contribute to better air quality indoors. This is quite important, particularly during the cold months, when you can’t open the windows and ventilate the room that much.

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