If you trace your expenses, you will be shocked to discover you are spending a small fortune on home cleaning tools and products every year. Keeping your home sanitised is crucial for your family’s health, and you shouldn’t cut corners while doing it. However, you will definitely reduce some of your expenses and save some money with these 5 tips from our domestic cleaning experts.

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This is about all the cleaning tools you need to maintain your home.

Stop Buying Unnecessary Home Cleaning Tools

Nowadays you can easily buy all kinds of housekeeping tools and gadgets online or in the nearest supermarket. However, the Happy House Cleaning experts believe 90% of them are just a waste of your hard-earned money. Actually, all you need to keep your home clean are high-quality products and only a few simple tools. Forget about buying single-purpose gadgets that you will use once or twice (or, let’s face it – probably never!). Instead of buying specialised towels and cloths, re-purpose old cotton and wool clothes to use as rags. The ordinary dish sponge is as efficient as any other sponge if you need to scrub off some built-up dirt. Your old toothbrush is also an excellent tool you can use to clean hard to reach places. So, when you are in the home and garden section of the store, stick to the basic tried and tested items – this will save you a lot of money over time.

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The worst thing that can happen to your laundry detergent after it expires is to lose its fragrance.

Don’t Throw Away Expired Cleaning Products

People are creatures of habit. We are used to throwing away expired foods, so naturally, when we do the same with our home cleaning products. However, this isn’t always necessary. Unlike food, detergents can be used even after their expiration date. This is especially true if you have stored the cleaning products properly – in a dry environment, out of sunlight and at room temperature). So, next time you see an expired floor cleaner or laundry detergent – keep them and use them, instead of buying new ones. This way, you will definitely cut your home-cleaning expenses, and save yourself a walk to the store.

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Prepare green home cleaners simple ingredients with you probably already have at home.

Prepare Your Own Home Cleaning Solutions

We spend lots of money on home cleaning products we don’t really need. Well, we do need to deal with stains and dirt, but we can do it as efficiently with homemade solutions as with readily made cleaners. There are plenty of recipes you can find online. But if you don’t want to waste your time on doing the research, you can check our blog for some tried-and-tested DIY cleaning products. Our suggestions will help you maintain your home pristine while saving you money.

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Wait until you have enough laundry to fill the drum of your washer.

Don’t Run the Washing Machine Unless It’s Full

If you want to cut down your electricity bills, you can simply try to be more efficient when using your cleaning appliances. When you start running a fully loaded washing machine, you save not only money on electricity, but you also save on your water bill. The same applies when you run your dishwasher. Another way to save on electricity while cleaning is to run your appliances during the night when the consumption rate is cheaper.

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Book Package Deals When Hiring Home Cleaning Services

We have said it before, and we would say it again. Professional home cleaners package deals and special offers are one of the best ways to save money on cleaning! On the one hand, you are getting experienced technicians to do the dirty job for you, and this means no compromises on the quality. On the other – you pay less than these services would usually cost. It’s a win-win situation. So next time you have to spring-clean your home, don’t hesitate to check what are your local cleaner’s offers. You will be surprised how much money you can save by booking windows and furniture cleaning, or other two services together!