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4 Easy Eco-Friendly Recipes for Homemade Rug Cleaners

Although there is a great variety of eco-friendly rug cleaning products nowadays, most of the commercially sold ones are still absurdly expensive. This is why now we want to share with you how to prepare 4 non-toxic and efficient detergents for carpet and rugs with everyday household products that won't cost you a fortune. If you wish to green-up your home cleaning routine, you can check more methods for eco-friendly cleaning on our blog. Steam kills various fungi and bacteria lurking between the rug's fibres. Solution for Steam Cleaner Using a steam cleaner to refresh your rugs is [...]

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10 Amazing Cleaning Uses of Baking Soda for Your Home – Part 2

In the first part of the article, we have shared some great cleaning recipes and methods involving baking soda – from dealing with foul odours in plastic containers to removing dust from textile decorations and stuffed animals. The rest of the tips are no less useful and exciting and can change the way you clean your home. Unclog the Kitchen Sink Baking soda works great for cleaning almost everything in your kitchen – from greasy cooktop to smelly refrigerator. We have already posted a bunch of recipes on how to deal with stained and scorched oven and grill. However, [...]

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10 Amazing Cleaning Uses of Baking Soda for Your Home

We love green cleaning – it is an easy, healthy, and cheaper way to deal with the chores at home. Moreover, most green cleaning recipes require simple ingredients, which can be found in any home. We have already posted a good deal of green cleaning recipes and DIY home cleaning tricks. You can see that there is one substance, which is a key ingredient in the most of the DIY cleaners - the Baking soda! This powder is safe, inexpensive, it is a great stain cleaner, a natural deodorizer and can be used as a fine abrasive for surface cleaning. Today [...]

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3 Awesome Natural Substances that Will Change the Way You Clean Your Home

What can make you quit your favourite brand of fabric softener or dishwashing liquid? They smell great, leave everything spotless, and are tried and tested in your home cleaning routine. However, if you knew how dangerous are most of the commercially sold cleaners, you would probably re-consider your current products of choice. For a start, most detergents and solutions nowadays contain toxic ingredients, harmful for both human and animal health. Many big brands are selling products labelled as “bio” or “green”, but they still contain questionable ingredients like colourants and scents that can be dangerous for small children or asthma [...]

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3 DIY Green Laundry Detergent Recipes We Love

Green cleaning recipes are great, because they are safe and often – frugal way to substitute dangerous commercial cleaners with toxic formulae. This week we’ve collected 3 recipes for homemade laundry detergents. They are easy to make, don’t require a lot of ingredients and are safe to use if you have small children, pets, or if you have sensitive skin. When we started our blog one of the first topics we've wrote bout was toxic chemicals in detergents and cleaners. You can read more about the toxic ingredients in commercial cleaning products here, here and here. Soapnuts Laundry Detergent Soapnuts [...]

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7 Amazing Green Spring Cleaning Recipes for your Home

  From the moment we have started this blog we constantly write about the hazards of using toxic cleaners, and we always try to share new safe home cleaning methods. Since spring is almost here it is time for the annual deep cleaning of the house. Last year we shared some tactical tricks to make the Spring Cleaning easier, as well as some great recipes for homemade solutions for your kitchen, bedroom and living room. Today, we are adding 10 more incredible DIY non-toxic solutions for green and easy Spring Cleaning of your house. Homemade Carpet Stain Remover Commercial stain [...]

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7 Ultimate Tips to Clean Safe and Easy

The New Year is finally here and it is time to start with a clean slate. After all the cooking, dinner parties, guests and relatives most of us have to deal with stains, dirt and mess to put our homes in order. 7 Ultimate Tips to Clean Your Home in a Safe Way As you know we’ve already posted 9 great tricks for after the holiday season here on our blog, an article to help you clean your home before and after a party, as well as 10 great professional tips on how to ease your home cleaning routine. Today we [...]

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How to Live with a Dog and Have a Clean Home

We sure love our dogs – they are faithful friends and joyful companions. But we all know living with a dog can (and will) get messy. They are messy eaters, jump around, leave a lot of hair, and, during their potty training you can stumble upon small smelly puddles around the house. So, is it possible to have a dog and a clean home at the same time? The Happy House Cleaning specialists say ‘Yes!’. Here ‘s how you can do it: Green Cleaning is a Must We have written series of articles on how commercial cleaning products can be a [...]

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Why Autumn Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning?

We often say the most important cleaning of the house occurs in spring. But in the past few years big supermarket chains in UK score their highest sales of household cleaning product in autumn. In a post on their blog a few years ago Tesco reported 20% rise of the sales of such products in September. Why? It’s really simple – autumn cleaning is the new spring cleaning. Why Cleaning in Fall is so Important? After Bank holidays in the end of August and with the beginning of the School year on the 1st of September, we finally have the time to [...]

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8 Things You Shouldn’t Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most accessible and commonly used products at home. It is an indispensable component for eco cleaning of surfaces, to remove mould, and has an antibacterial effect. However, the liquid is acidic, so there are things that should not be used. Check out which are the things that you shouldn’t clean with vinegar at your home. Don't Use it as Grease Remover for Dirty Dishes While vinegar is a great product to clean and disinfect various kitchen surfaces it is acidic and you shouldn’t use it to clean greasy pans, pots and plates. Alkaline cleaners like [...]

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