Summer is over and it is time to prepare your home for winter. Here is a list of 9 tasks you should include in your autumn cleaning list, in order to enjoy a cosy and clean home this year.

1 General indoor cleaning

You will be spending a lot of time at home during cold months of the year. This is why a general autumn cleaning of the house is a must. Deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and mattresses is mandatory. Clean curtains and window blinds, and organise wardrobes and cabinets. You can check our ultimate fall cleaning list here: Why Autumn Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning.

2 Doors and windows

Proper insulation is important if you want to keep your home warm during winter. This is why now is the best time to check the condition of door and windows frames, and seal them if needed. You can also see if there are squeaking hinges and grease them as part of your fall cleaning routine. It is a good idea to check if all handles are working properly and change them, if the windows and doors are not closing tightly.

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3 Stock up on Winter Food

While during summer we prefer to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. However, winter is the perfect time for warm, comforting meals – casseroles, bread, thick sauces, pies and deserts. So, when cleaning and organising your cabinets, why don’t you stock on cooking ingredients – pasta, rice, flour, spices and canned foods? This way everything will be at hand whenever you need it.

4 Check your medicine cabinet

Another important thing that needs to be included in your autumn cleaning to-do list is to check your medicine supplies. Go through all the blisters, bottles and boxes. Check the expiration dates and change them the goods that have expired. You can buy some medicine for colds, nasal drops, and vitamins to be ready for winter.

5 Organise Clothes, Bed Linens and Blankets

It’s time to put away all summer items and take out winter ones. Clean your sandals and other summer footwear well – even the flip-flops, before storing them – this way you will prolong their life. The same applies for clothes and swimwear. Take out thick blankets and bed linens – now you are ready for cold temperatures!

6 Put Away Patio and Garden Furniture

During winter you won’t need your garden chairs and tables. Moreover, cold temperatures and humidity can deteriorate them, shortening their lifespan. This is why, take advantage of last warm days of the season, rinse everything with a hose and store it in your garage. This also applies for gardening equipment and tools, as well as for your barbeque grill.

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7 Organise your garage

Don’t forget this area when cleaning your home and preparing it for winter. Spare some time to clean and re-organise your garage. It will be easier to store your sports equipment, garden furniture and other things you won’t need during the season, if everything has its place. We have already posted the ultimate garage-cleaning guide, here, on our blog – read it and learn some great tricks and tips on organisation and space saving.

8 Stop the Humidity in Your Home This Winter

Humidity can cause serious problems – mould growth and mildew growth. They can deteriorate, furniture, floors and walls in your home. Moreover, long exposure to mould is related to some serious health issues. High levels of humidity and condensation in cold weather are the most common reasons for indoors mould growth. Check the ventilation system in bathroom and kitchen before winter starts, because these are the most humid spots in your home, therefore – the risk of mould growth is the biggest in these rooms.

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9 Last chance for small renovations

The first autumn weeks are the best time to fix small issues around the house. Mending the fence, painting a wall – all things that require outdoor work and leaving the windows and doors wide-open and should be done before winter. Don’t forget to fill wall cracks to avoid spider and bug infestation.


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