Last time we have posted the 1st part of this article and we wrote about some of the most common mistakes people do when cleaning their home. Check the don’ts of home cleaning and learn how to avoid them in order to get the best results when doing the chores.

Washing Windows with Circular Motions

Window cleaning is a tricky task – if you don’t do it right, the glass will still look dirty. When you move your hand in in circles, there is a big chance there will be a lot of soap residues and traces on the surface. Instead, make straight strokes from top of the glass to the bottom. Use a squeegee to finish the job. Another mistake when dealing with dirty windows is to clean them on a hot, sunny day – the detergent residues dry up faster and you can be sure there will be streaks left on the glass. We have already posted a great article on the best window cleaning technique here on our blog.

Cleaning Cars with Dishwashing Liquid

Most people think that dishwashing liquid can be used on almost anything – from dirty pots and pans to cleaning floors. But this is wrong – dishwashing detergents are designed to deal with grease from food stains, which makes it perfect for plates and cutlery. However, when used to clean cars, dishwashing liquid is not the best option and it will leave a lot of soap residue, which can be difficult to rinse. If you want to wash your car by yourself invest in a high quality car wash liquid.

Cleaning Cast Iron Pans with Dishwashing Liquid

Cooking with cast iron is a little bit different than cooking with other kinds of pots and pans. When you use cast iron skillet over time it develops its own layer of grease, which prevent the food from sticking into the pan. If you use soap you will clean this layer and shorten the skillets life. To neutralise the smell of the previous meals but keep the non-stick layer, wipe the pot with paper towel and you use a paste of baking salt and water to clean the surface. If there is a food stuck to the pan, you can use sea salt to scrub it off gently. Another big mistake when cleaning cast iron skillet is to use vinegar. Although many DIY cleaning recipes include vinegar, it is not suitable for pots and pans made from aluminum or cast iron – the acid reacts with these metals and they can be damaged.

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Dusting with Dry Cloth

Many people dust with dry cloth, because they don’t want to leave detergent residue on their furniture. However, if you are dusting with a dry cloth all you do is pushing the dust around. The best way to wipe dust and dirt is to use damp cloth, and then to polish the surface with a clean towel.

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Neglecting Curtains and Mattress Cleaning

Floors, carpets, bathroom and kitchen are the things we include the most in our weekly cleaning routine. However, curtains and mattresses collect dirt and dust as much as rugs and furniture. Don’t leave cleaning of your curtains and mattress for Spring cleaning only! You should vacuum your mattress at least once a month, and get it deep cleaned at least 2 times a year. As for the curtains, it is good to wash them every 1 or 2 months.

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Expecting Immediate Results When Cleaning

Many people buy strong detergent and expect immediate results when dealing with stains and stubborn dirt. However strong cleaners can damage delicate fabric and surfaces and they get worn out. You will get the same cleaning result by simply applying a detergent and let it sit for a while – the active ingredients in the detergent will deal even with the most stubborn stain in a couple of hours.


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