Being experts in our work the proper way to clean anything – from carpets and upholstery to windows – seems obvious and self-explanatory. However, when we are hired for a cleaning job we often stumble upon ruined furnishings, scratched floors and deteriorated rugs, all results of improper treatment. This is why we decided to dedicate a special post in our blog to the most common mistakes in cleaning, why to avoid these bad practices and how to choose the best methods and cleaning products when doing the chores.

10 Mistakes That Make Cleaning Inefficient (and More Difficult)

Most people don’t like cleaning and this is completely natural – it can be difficult and tedious task, especially when you don’t have the right tools at hand. This is why we strongly suggest everyone, who hates dealing with chores at home – invest in good cleaning tools to make the job easier and more efficient.

Scrubbing Stains on Carpets and Upholstery

We have been saying this repeatedly during the years – on our blog and in person, when consulting our clients – never scrub spills and stains on your rug and furnishings! This only pushes the dirt deeper into the fibres making it even more difficult (and sometimes – even impossible) to remove! When dealing with stain – blot gently, rinsing and squeezing the sponge to avoid getting the contaminant back onto the carpet or the fabric upholstery.

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Treating the Carpet with Stain Removal for Clothes

Cleaning carpets and upholstery, using stain removal products designed for clothes and linens is the next big mistake people make. You may think – “What’s the big difference?” Well, it is simple – these types of stain cleaners are made to act quickly and then – to be washed out. Leaving them onto rugs or upholstery fabrics, where they will stay at least to the next general cleaning is a bad idea, because the active ingredients are quite strong and can deteriorate the fibres, shortening the life of your furnishings.

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Mixing Bleach and Ammonia

Many people think that mixing two strong cleaners will give better and faster result. In some cases this might be true, but when you mix ammonia and bleach (or products, containing bleach and ammonia) they form highly toxic gases. These vapors are very dangerous and can be lethal. To avoid accidents, always read the labels of your cleaning products, and never mixed them if there is any doubt of the result. The other option is to use only certified green cleaning products or make your own cleaners.

Using Vinegar on Marble or Granite

Vinegar is a great cleaner and it is often included as an ingredient in many DIY cleaning recipes, especially for all-purpose cleaners and floor cleaners. However, although vinegar is eco-friendly and safe for human health, it still is an acid. When used on marble and granite floor, the acid literally eats though the stone. We have already written about this in our article 8 Things You Should Never Clean with Vinegar.

If you want impeccable result when hiring London house cleaning company, don’t hesitate to contact us! Every member of our team has undergone professional training and will provide the best possible service when taking care for your carpets and floors, upholstered furniture, or windows.