If you are reading this you probably need to clean your home impeccably in order to get your deposit back. Deposit Protection Service published data, which reveals that cleaning has been one of the main causes of disputes over deposits. This means it’s in your best interest to leave the property in an immaculate condition. A spot on the carpet or scuff mark the wall could count against you when it comes time for the final checkout inventory.

How to start?

Arrange the end of tenancy cleaning as close to the inventory date as possible to avoid any possible cause of complaint. If you are hiring a professional cleaning company ensure they have a detailed list of cleaning tasks, check if is completed to a high standard, and keep copies for you and for the landlord in case of a dispute. If you are going to opt for DIY end of tenancy cleaning you should consider enough time for dealing with all tasks.

Essential Cleaning Tasks When Moving Out

Here is a list of things you should never miss if you want to get the place cleaned and your deposit back.


Even if you did great job for the rest of the house, dirty windows can make the place look unkempt. Clean the windows from inside and outside, If you cannot reach the outside arrange for window cleaning job.


Empty all kitchen cupboards and wipe them both inside and outside.  Wash the floor with appropriate detergent. Even if you normally avoid commercial cleaning products we recommend you to use such in case of moving out. The strong chemical formula will give you quick results.  Don’t forget to pull non-integrated appliances and clean the floor beneath them too.


Make sure all appliances are spotless. Empty the fridge and clean it inside and out. Leave the door open to avoid mould appearance. If the oven and cooktop are dirty, apply oven cleaner and leave it 30 min. to dissolve the greasy stains. After that wipe the surfaces with clean damp cloth.


Scrub everything with strong cleaning product. Be sure to remove soap scum and hard water stains. Don’t miss to clean mirrors, bathtub, toilet bowl and sink. Wipe the cupboards tiles and floor. Unclog drains and plug holes. Put some elbow grease into removing limescale buildup and mould.

Blinds and Curtains

Vacuum the curtains and dust the curtain rods. If your drapes are washable then you can just launder them in your washing machine. Giving them to dry cleaners is another option. You can deal the same way with fabric blinds. If there are venetian blinds, be sure to dust them thoroughly and wipe them with clean damp cloth. You can also check our guide on curtain cleaning. If there are any damages – like missing parts or cigarette burns you better replace them before the inventory.

Carpets and Rugs

Run a vacuum to remove built in dust. Get a spot cleaner and treat all stains and spills. Steam cleaning the carpets will give them fresh, as-new look. If you don’t have a steam cleaner you can rent one. With this tool you can clean fast and effective not only carpets and rugs, but also upholstery, floors, tiles etc.


Go around the house and check walls for scuff marks or dirty spots. Try to wash them with damp cloth, or magic eraser. However if there are too many spots the best you can do is to spot-paint them with the same colour or re-decorate the whole wall.

Garden or backyard

If the property goes with garden make sure to leave it clean and tidy. Mow the lawns and sweep the patio to remove dead leaves and other dirt. Pick up any instruments and put them away.

Be organized and thorough, make a cleaning checklist and tick things off as you go. If you don’t have the time to clean properly consider hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners – most companies offer special end of lease cleaning rates. When you finish take photographs before the final inventory and handing the keys to your landlord.