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How to Clean Leather Sofa to Extend its Life?

Leather upholstery is beautiful and can add a touch of luxury to any home interior. Leather is also a very practical choice, because when cleaned and maintained properly these durable furnishings age beautifully and nobly. Learn how to deal with stains on your leather sofa and how to maintain it in order to prolong its life. Before You Start Cleaning Leather Furniture We said leather is a durable material, but it is true, that if you use the wrong product or the wrong cleaning technique you CAN easily damage your furniture. Some types of leather don’t tolerate water, and have [...]

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5 Tips on Cleaning a Suede Sofa

Suede is a great upholstery material, giving the room cosy and luxurious look. Nevertheless it has a bad reputation for being difficult to maintain. However, cleaning a suede sofa doesn’t have to be epic task – here are 5 ways to maintain your upholstery in a top shape without much effort. Removing Wet Stains If there is a food or beverage spill on your suede couch the faster you act the better. This is because suede is extra sensitive to moisture and liquid can damage this luxurious upholstery. Blot the spot gently to extract as much of the stain and moist [...]

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How to Remove Stains from Upholstery with Iron

If there is something most people hate to do it may be cleaning a stain, especially if it is on sofa, armchair, or other item, that is impossible to cram in the laundry machine. It is just awful when you have to deal with a food or beverage spill on the freshly cleaned sofa, right? But if you are familiar with Murphy’s law you already know that a stain occurs MOSTLY when the upholstery has just been cleaned. However, our cleaning experts shared a little secret: there is a way to spot-clean a stain without having to treat the whole [...]

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6 Tricks for Removing Pet Hair from Furniture and Clothes

Lint rollers are the best tool to use when removing hair, fluffs and lint from clothes. However most rollers have very short life and quickly become useless, especially when you have to deal with pet hair. Some dog and cat breeds like Siamese cats and Doberman dogs have really short thick fur, which is really difficult to remove once it gets deep into fabric’ fibres. […]

2018-07-14T11:40:46+00:00June 23rd, 2015|Blog|

How to Clean and Maintain Different Types of Upholstery

No matter how much effort you put in cleaning and maintaining your armchairs or sofa, accidents happen. When spill occurs the time of reaction is of essence. In fact, upholstered furniture is bound to get dirty from general use over time – that’s inevitable! Stains, dirt and accumulated dust can make the fabric look worn out and scruffy. Learning how to clean and maintain your furniture is important if you want to keep it looking beautiful, clean and well cared of. This is why we’ve gathered some useful tips on cleaning the most common types of upholstery fast and effective. [...]

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