Nobody likes to clean but it is satisfying when you are done and your house looks great. This is why the disappointment when the place gets dirty and messy just a few days after cleaning comes at no surprise. We’ve met clients who were feeling helpless and desperate, and couldn’t believe this problem has a solution. Luckily, The Happy House Cleaning specialists share 8 tricks that can help anybody to easily prolong the time their home stays in a good condition.

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Keep Your Wardrobe Organised

We love organised wardrobes, where all the clothes are neatly put together – an eye-pleasing sight that means everything is easy to find and access. However, it isn’t easy to keep garments folded, especially when you need to dress up in a hurry. Professionals recommend keeping only ¼ part of your clothes in the wardrobe. Seasonal garments and pieces you wear only on special occasions should be stored separately, the same applies to footwear. This small trick will help you keep the room tidy, without picking up and folding crumpled clothes every other day.

Slow Down Dust Build Up

Dust starts building up right after you finish the cleanup! A thin layer of dust is one of the first and most annoying signs that the time for the next cleaning inevitably approaches. However, there are some things you can do, in order to delay the chores and enjoy a clean home longer:

  • Install mosquito nets – they keep not only the bugs but also bigger dust and dirt particles from entering your home.
  • Take care of your clothes after wearing them – clothes accumulate dirt and dust from outside and ‘shed’ microscopic fibres. Use a brush or a lint roller for a quick clean-up of your coat and suit after taking them off.
  • Place doormats outside the house – wiping your shoes before entering your home and taking them off when entering the house will lower the amount of soil and dust from outside in your home.

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Get a Smaller Trash Can

It seems convenient to use a larger trash can when you share your home with your family or with a few housemates. Actually, using a smaller bin often means less cleaning. First, by the time you fill the big bag to the top, the food residues start spoiling and the garbage becomes a source of unpleasant smells. Second, if you accidentally tear the bag the liquid collected inside leaks to the bottom of the bin. What’s worse – if you don’t notice the problem on time, the bag will be dripping all over your floor when you are taking it out. Use a smaller trash can, at least for food residues to prevent bad odours and sticky floors.

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Keep the Bathroom Cleaner and Healthier

Mould can be a serious problem if you don’t deal with it on time. However, it is easier to prevent mould growth than getting rid of it when it has appeared. Dry up the bathroom floor with a towel after a hot shower. Keep the door closed, to prevent humidity spreading around the house and leave the ventilation running until the mirrors and bathroom walls dry completely. You can also prepare a bottle of cleaning solution at hand and quickly wipe the shower cabin after every use – this will help prevent limescale and dirt build-ups. This routine doesn’t take you more than a few minutes but helps keep the bathroom significantly cleaner for a longer period of time.

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If housekeeping is not your favourite thing, don’t hesitate to call us. Our home cleaning professionals in London will take care of the job leaving your house in a perfect condition.