There is something really soothing in that moment when you look around yourself right after you have finally cleaned the whole house. The whole place looks and feels great. Ah, don’t we all wish this moment to last forever? However, in most cases, the cold reality is that the house stays clean less than a few days after the cleanup! Dust, hair, dirty dishes and clothes inexorably start conquering every corner of your home.

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However, there is a way to deal with this and enjoy the results of your efforts longer! Today, our domestic cleaning specialists share their favourite ways easily maintain the house clean and tidy.

Reduce the Number of Dishes in the House

If you open the kitchen cabinets of 90% of the households you can count enough dishes to throw a dinner for 20 people. But, a family of four doesn’t need more than a basic dining set, 2-3 pots and a few cooking knives most of the time. However, when all your dishes and cookware are at hand the result is a messy kitchen and used cups ‘forgotten’ on everywhere you look. Our experts recommend storing at least half of your dishes and cookware and use it only when you really need it. This way your kitchen and living room will be tidier and your teenager will probably have to learn how to operate the dishwasher.

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Keep Hard Wood Floors in Good Condition

Every hard floor consists of smaller segments of material no matter it is a real hardwood floor or a laminate. When the handyman installs it, each segment is carefully put to fit the ones around it perfectly with the other. However, it is normal if the parts start to get loose after a few years of use. It is very important to take action and get the floor fixed if you notice that it is squeaking and there are uneven spots and bends. If you ignore the problem when it’s small you may have to do a bigger renovation later. Moreover, the cracks and crevices between loose segments collect dust, dirt, and hair, and might even become home to spiders, ants and other uninvited guests.

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Get Slip Covers for Your Soft Furniture

The sofa is probably the most used piece of furniture in every home and naturally, food and beverage spills, or pet-related accidents occur quite often. If you are sick of having to deal with stains on the upholstery every other week, getting slipcovers for your soft furniture is the simplest solution! The cover will protect the furniture from spills, stains, dust and pet hair and when it gets dirty, you can remove and wash them automatically. And the best part is you will not have to wait days for the fabric to dry like when you clean the upholstery.

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Invest in a Hand Vacuum

Hair and crumbs on the floor are not a nice sight, especially when you have vacuumed the whole house the previous day. Sweeping can solve the problem on a hard floor, but it’s not working for the rug. Get a hand-operated vacuum to deal with small messes on furniture, carpets or your keyboard, without having to take out the heavy-duty vacuum. With a small vacuum keeping clean is easier and the results last longer.

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Don’t hesitate to book our professional home cleaners in London. We provide various options to meet our clients’ needs – from regular domestic arrangements to specialised services such as sofa and mattress treatments, oven cleaning or one-off cleaning.