Even those of us who keep up with the planned chores in order to keep the house clean and organised forget to pay attention to certain places and objects. Different people fail to maintain different things, however, there are 8 blind spots around the house almost all of us exclude from the cleaning list. We have already shared some info and recipes for dealing with 4 of these forgotten items and spots in the first part of the article, so now it is time to continue with the rest of the list.

Keyboard, Mouse, and Tablet

Some recent studies proved that the computer keyboard holds up to 3 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Although this sounds exaggerated, if you think of it we use our devices, especially the mobile ones at least a few times a day, but nobody washes their hands before every use. And even if you do, our skin produces natural oils to keep it moisturised and they get to your keyboard, mouse, and your phone’s screen. To avoid nasty gastrointestinal infections and maintain your electronic devices in good condition, don’t forget to put the task on your cleaning list. Cleaning computers, laptops, and other gadgets can be tricky, so if you want to kill the bacteria without damaging them, you can read our thorough spring cleaning guide for electronic devices.

Cosmetics Bag, Makeup Brushes & Applicators

Skincare specialists constantly remind us that the key to a healthy beautiful skin is cleanliness. There are countless commercials, convincing us to invest a small fortune in miraculous face scrubs, lotions, and soaps in order to remove natural oils, make-up, and particles from air pollution from our skin. Focused on using these products we often forget other sources of harmful bacteria.
We touch the inside of the cosmetics bag and the containers of the products we use every day and with our hands still covered in creams and make-up. Brushes and applicators also collect their fair share of skin oils, dust, dirt and cosmetics. In order to keep bacteria away from your stuff and your skin, you must keep the beauty products and tools clean. Wipe the cream jars and other containers with antibacterial wipes as often as possible. Wash your brushes and applicators with warm water and soap and let them dry completely before the next use. Launder the make-up bags in the washing machine once a week at the highest temperature safe for the material.

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Toothbrush Holder

We all know that humidity in our bathroom is one of the conditions, creating the perfect environment for the bacteria to grow and develop and most of us thoroughly clean the tiles and the sink regularly. What most people forget are the small accessories, like soap holders, and especially – the toothbrush holders. Even when we rinse the toothbrush well after use, there are droplets of water, seeping down from the bristle, and this is more than enough to foster all kind of microbes. Once every week wash thoroughly the toothbrush holder with warm water and strong detergent or put it in the dishwasher if the material withstands higher temperatures.

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Pet’s Bowl and Toys

Let’s admit it – although we would never eat from a dirty dish, we don’t apply the same standards when it comes to our pet’s bowl. Most owners just rinse the food and water bowls after every use and wash them with detergent not more often than once a week. It is true, that our furry and feathery friends have a different immune system and they have a stronger defence against bacteria. However, if you are close with your pets and like to cuddle them, then the bacteria, developed in the food bowls or on toys, gets literally, right in your face. Food and water bowls should be cleaned once a day and toys – once every week to ensure they won’t become a hazard for your or your pet’s health.

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