There seem to be endless options when it comes to choosing a new sofa for your home. Even if you know what you want, the moment you step into the shop or start browsing images online the different styles and shapes, as well as customisation alternatives just become overwhelming. That is why we have written a few things to consider when getting new furniture for your home. Check our tips and save yourself time, money, and efforts.

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Size is one of the primary considerations when getting new furniture. The sofa needs to fit in your space well otherwise it can overwhelm the room. If you are decorating a new place from scratch, you will have to figure out the whole appearance of the room before buying the sofa. A spacious living room allows you to place a large sectional couch; however, if you want to add an armchair or an ottoman, you will have to choose a more compact sofa. For smaller rooms, it is best to choose a two or three seat sofa to avoid cluttering the space with furniture.

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When getting a new sofa, it is necessary to choose a model that complements your personality and your home. If you have to decorate a new home, it can be a bit difficult to come out with a complete design, so getting the right couch can be challenging. However, whenever in doubt, just trust your instincts. This increases the chance to go home with a sofa that will fit naturally in your living room. You should also consider the character of the space. If your style is traditional, go for a classically structured couch in neutral shades. If the interior of your home is modern, you can choose a contemporary design with clear lines in bolder colours.

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Purpose of the room

Some may say that living room is a living room. However, this is not completely true. A family of 4 will use the room in a different way than a single person. If the space is dedicated to relaxing after a long day, then you will need a comfortable sofa with bigger cushions, probably even one that converts into a bed. But if you often invite friends over and the room combines dining and living area, then you will need sleeker design and more seating space.

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Frame and Comfort

A solid build, comfortable frame is an essential element of high-quality soft furniture. You don’t want your sofa to crumble under you when you sit! That is why we recommend buying a couch from a shop, rather than online. This way you can sit, lie down and move around on the couch to get a feel for the construction and how it holds up. Making this test before buying a new sofa guarantees you will get exactly what you need for your home.

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Choosing the right upholstery is one of the most important steps when buying a new sofa. Although aesthetics are important, functionality is a priority when choosing fabric for your sofa. Suede looks gorgeous, but it is a poor choice if you have small children or pets. Microfibre is often chosen due to its easy cleaning and sleek appearance. Leather is a durable material, which is consistently in fashion, and fits in both classic and modern interiors. Another option many people consider recently is the use of outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture. Materials for outdoor upholstery are durable and easy to maintain, appropriate for bigger families or families with pets.

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If you want to maintain your new couch in perfect shape, you will need to maintain it properly. Don’t hesitate to contact us and book our professional sofa cleaning service in London. Call us now at 0207 101 4326 and get a free rate.