Halloween is great fun for both children and adults. But after this wild and colourful night is over, it is very likely to find your home and clothes covered in various stains – from makeup to pumpkin juice and spilled candle wax. Here are a few tips to help you remove stains and clean your home and clothes after Halloween is over.

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Clean Pumpkin Stains and Residues

Sometimes Halloween pranksters get really wild and the result is smashed pumpkin lanterns in front of your house. Pumpkin residues and pieces are difficult to remove when they get dry, so act as soon as you see them. Scrape the pumpkin pieces with a small shovel and wash the soft residues using garden hose, to prevent them from drying. If there is a pumpkin stain on your clothes or carpet, spray it with lukewarm water and apply enzyme stain cleaner. Wash the garment as usual. If the stain is on your carpet, take a damp sponge and blot the spot until you remove the pumpkin.

Eyeshades and Face Powder on Clothes, Upholstery or Carpet

If you accidently spilled your eyeshades palette on your sofa or carpet while applying your Halloween makeup, there is a really easy way to remove the stain. Just take the vacuum cleaner and extract the makeup particles. The same method can be applied for cleaning eyeshades from your clothes, unless you smeared the spots during the party. If the eyeshade stains are smeared, you will need to use stain-removal product before putting your clothes in the washing machine.

Lipstick, Foundation and Oil Based Makeup

Cleaning oil-based makeup stains from carpets, furniture and clothes is a bit more difficult than removing eyeshades and powder. The most important thing is to get enzyme spot treating product and work very carefully when cleaning the stain to avoid smearing and spreading it. Spray the foundation or lipstick stain on your sofa or carpet with warm water and apply the stain removal product. Wait 5-10 minutes and then carefully dab the stain using clean damp sponge, until you remove it completely. If the makeup stain is onto a garment, soak in lukewarm water, then apply stain treatment product and rinse after 10 minutes. Wash the garment as usual and there will be no trace of your Halloween makeup.

Remove Glitter from Carpets, Furniture and Clothes

We’ve noticed that Halloween monsters and witches become more and more glamorous every year. But everybody knows that when you use glitter it goes everywhere and it is a real challenge to clean it. Here is the best method to remove glitter from your clothes, carpets and upholstery without fast and easy. Run the vacuum thoroughly onto the glittered surface. Try not to miss a spot. The vacuum cleaner will pick up around 80-90% of the glitter, but there still be some left. Take a lint roller and use it to collect the remaining glitter. If you don’t have a lint roller at hand you can check one of these homemade hair-collecting tools – they work well for both pet hair and glitter, or other small sticky particles.

If you need a helping hand to cleanup the mess after any party, don’t hesitate to contact our After Party Cleaning Team. Our trained and experiences professionals know how to deal with any stain and will restore order in your home, leaving it tidy, clean and fresh smelling.