The flu virus spreads increasingly easy and bacteria can stick onto various surfaces in your home.

The flu spreads rapidly, especially when you are around sick people at home or at work. If they cough, sneeze, or even when they talk, they shoot the virus bacteria all around them. Flu microbes are also spread when a healthy person is touching something that has been in contact with a flu sufferer. So there is no doubt it is a challenge to stay well during flu season. However, you shouldn’t feel powerless when it comes to keeping the illness away. Our experts have shared which are the things you should clean and how to clean them in order to stay healthy, even if you have a sick person at home.

Kitchen counters should be cleaned regularly during the flu season to keep the virus away.

Kitchen Surfaces and Food Preparation Areas

If anyone at home is sick, make sure to regularly wipe down the kitchen counters and any frequently used cabinets and drawers using disinfectant. Clean the refrigerator’s door and handle with a sanitising product. It is also an excellent idea to steam-clean the counters and the sink. If possible, try to keep the sick family member out of the kitchen and the food preparation areas to prevent spreading germs.

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Dishes that have been in contact with sick people should be washed separately.

Dishes and Cutlery

If someone at home is sick, make sure to run the dishwasher on the highest temperature setting during the flu season. If you are hand washing the dishes, keep and wash the ill family member’s plates, cups, and cutlery separately. You can also steam clean or boil the dishes used by the sick person to disinfect them. Another good idea is to designate one dining set to be used only by the flu sufferer in your household until they get better.

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Change the towels as often as possible to prevent bacteria from going literally from hand to hand.

Towels and Bed Linens

We all know washing hands regularly is essential to keep bacteria away and this is especially true during the flu season. You should also try to change hand towels as much as possible during the flu season. If someone at home is sick, they should use their own hand and body towels, which should be changed daily. You can also switch temporarily to hand towels, as the damp fabric is the perfect environment for all types of microbes and bacteria. Launder all the towels and bed linens at the highest temperature your washing machine allows.

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We all use the light switches at home so make sure to wipe them with disinfectant during a flu outbreak.

Frequently Touched Objects and Surfaces

Contrary to popular belief, microbes can survive not only in humid conditions but also on hard non-porous surfaces. That is why during a flu season you should wipe down frequently touched surfaces as often as possible with a clean cloth dipped in a disinfecting liquid. If you have a steamer, run it onto the objects and surfaces touched by everybody to prevent flu outbreak, even if you don’t have a sick family member at home. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can use disinfecting wipes instead. You should pay particular attention to doorknobs and handles, light switches, drawers and tables.

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