The surprising turn of events due to COVID-19 virus has gotten us all unprepared for the changes that came with it. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been facing different waves of occurring events.

We started with more panicking restrictions and behaviour, went through denial, conspiracy talks, and now we faced a second wave that knew was coming but still didn’t prepare for. At least not mentally. We are not panicked now, but we are also now making decisions that didn’t think we’d have to.

One of those decisions is the act of moving. Now more than ever in the UK, and specifically in London, people are moving out of the city, into different parts of it, new or old apartments, with new people or people they’ve lived with, and in general, there has been a serious regroup of living statuses.

Why are more people moving during these times of pandemic?

We can focus on a few main reasons why people need or want to move from their apartments.

First, they want to save money. With the unclarity of what economics can expect and unstable incomes, people decide to start living with family members, relatives, or friends in order to save money from rent.

Another reason is the fact that people feel threatened for their lives and to reduce the risk of infection they choose to move to less populated areas and not so crowded cities.

To avoid social distancing restrictions, many newly couples or people that hadn’t taken that step up to this point, choose to start living together and moving in again leads to unoccupied places of residence.

And of course, another leading reason is the closed daycares, schools, job losses or working from home changes. In general, people want to stay healthy physically and mentally. They try to avoid stress and the influence of global events. Seeking calmness they look for more relaxed placed to spend their time at.

Which areas are affected by these moving trends?

Dartford and Camden are in the heart of London but people from these two areas are the most to want to relocate. With 13.59% and 10.91% of people wanting to move, the leading parts of London are losing residents daily.

Westminster and Tower Hamlets are other boroughs of London that are suffering from the latest pandemic situation. A large number of people are choosing to change locations and sell or rent their places.

Where are people moving into?

Besides the countrysides, more and more people are choosing Tower Hamlets, Brent, and

Camden. This means that as much people are moving out of the boroughs, they are also moving in. Young families, working people, and young citizens are among the most choosing these areas as most suitable for them in times of pandemic.

COVID-19 impact on people’s expectations and preferences 

Not only did the pandemic influence the need to move but also affected how people think and what they expect for London and the UK.

Now 54% of people with school-age children think that a countryside location is a better idea and find it more suitable for them. More and more people are now likely to pick a village location or the countryside and prolong the travelling time for work. For those buying new places, we can see a tendency of craving more outdoor space.

And last, but not least, 49% of people in London expect the home working to continue after the lockdown. Some companies have already announced that they will allow home-offices for another year and employees are preparing for a long time of distant working.

What can you do?

If you want to protect yourself and put safety first, we can offer a solution for you – to disinfect your home and save you time, we will provide professional end of tenancy cleaning services of the place you are renting, moving in, or selling. This way you won’t have to worry about time, precise cleaning, or stress.

During these times, we need to keep ourselves calm and act rationally, embracing all occurring changes. The best is yet to come. And if we can help you ease the process of moving, cleaning, and disinfecting, we are there for you as our goal is safety environment, clean homes, and happy customers.

We follow all restrictions and comply with all safety measures so that you, your family and close ones, are safe.