6 Chores to Do in August to Make Your Life Easier

Plan these home cleaning chores ahead. August is a time of transition. The school year is approaching, and the weather is slowly getting colder. But you still have a few good weeks left to tackle some chores and prepare your home for autumn. Read also: How to Involve Your Teen in Home Cleaning Chores This Summer A clean pantry means more space for preserved summer fruits and veggies. Clean the Pantry August is the perfect time to deal with your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Spare a few hours and go through your food storage to get [...]

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Summer Chores to Give Your Teen This Year

Summer means no school, and for most teens, it means an abundance of free time. That is a good occasion to involve your child in household chores, make them more responsible and teach them valuable life skills. Read also: How to Live With Teens and Have a Clean Home Outdoor tasks are perfect for your teen for summer. Summer Chores List Warm weather often means more opportunities for outdoor chores. And summer vacation is a great chance to assign more tasks. Here are some summer chores ideas for your teen: Washing windows Mowing the lawn Trimming the bushes [...]

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When to Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service?

  Professional furniture cleaners remove the dirt and dust settled in your sofa or armchairs by using advanced equipment and products designed for the task. In most cases, specialists and manufacturers recommend hot water extraction method, more popular as steam cleaning. Usually, most of our clients call us solely when the DIY sofa clean-up just doesn't do the work. However, there are other instances when it is wise to book a professional upholstery cleaner. Check out when hiring a cleaning service is better than cleaning the sofa by yourself. Sumer is a very good time to have your upholstery [...]

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The Most Important Things You Should Know Before You Do an End of Tenancy Cleaning

All walls should be spotless, so you might have to plan a small renovation before the move-out cleaning. If you happen to be one of the not so lucky people to have a place of your own, you sure know that you must clean up your rental before you move out. Trying to do the end of tenancy cleaning on your own can be risky because you could lose your deposit if the property is not in good condition. Many renters never obtain a considerable amount of their deposit money due to lack of knowledge on what they [...]

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4 Easy Eco-Friendly Recipes for Homemade Rug Cleaners

Although there is a great variety of eco-friendly rug cleaning products nowadays, most of the commercially sold ones are still absurdly expensive. This is why now we want to share with you how to prepare 4 non-toxic and efficient detergents for carpet and rugs with everyday household products that won't cost you a fortune. If you wish to green-up your home cleaning routine, you can check more methods for eco-friendly cleaning on our blog. Steam kills various fungi and bacteria lurking between the rug's fibres. Solution for Steam Cleaner Using a steam cleaner to refresh your rugs is [...]

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5 Steps to Help You Deal with Dust After a Renovation

If you want to enjoy the result from the renovation you need to take care of the dust after the construction work is over. After we finish the renovation project at home, we are ready just to sit back and enjoy the renewed space, right? Unfortunately, this isn't possible - not yet. Before you can kick off your shoes and get comfortable on your sofa, you need to go through the after builders cleaning of your home. You should focus on removing all the dust and debris left from construction work to prevent it from ending up in [...]

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4 Easy and Efficient Tactics for Spring Cleaning a (Small) Apartment

Most people assume that maintaining an apartment is easier than dealing with the chores in a bigger home and think this also applies to Spring-cleaning. However, if you ever lived in a smaller place, you know that keeping everything in order takes as many efforts as maintaining a house, if not more. With limited living space, even the tiniest mess can turn into an obstacle to the normal course of the day. Spring-cleaning a small apartment can be challenging, and this is why we have decided to share with you not only how to deal with the task, but also [...]

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10+ Packing Hacks For a Stress-Free Moving Out Experience – Part 2

In the previous part of this post, we’ve shared with you 5 packing tips that would make your next moving-out a bit simpler. Here are the rest of the advice you can follow for a smooth and stress-free relocating. Balanced weight in the moving vehicle mean safer transportation. Load the Heaviest Items First Weight distribution is essential when you want all your belongings to arrive safe and sound. After you are done packing put the heaviest boxes aside to be loaded first in the moving truck. This way you will prevent them from smashing other packages containing fragile [...]

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10+ Packing Hacks For a Stress-Free Moving Out Experience – Part 1

Relocating can be a stressful and exhausting experience, especially if you are on the clock. However, with these 10+ packing and organisational tips from the Happy House Cleaning team will turn you into a move-out expert for your next move. A pre-move-out garage sale is a good idea when dealing with the things you won't need anymore. Throw a Garage Sale ASAP Every item you decide to take with you when relocating means a lot of work – packing, labelling, and lifting. Not to mention the more things you move, the more you will have to invest in [...]

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10 Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home – Part 2

In the first part of the article “10 Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home,“ we have explained how important hygiene is if you want to prevent the flu virus from spreading and affecting your family’s health. We have written how to clean dishes, cutlery, kitchen surfaces, towels, bed linens and more. Today we continue with our list of things you need to disinfect to avoid a flu outbreak at home. A lot of contagious things went into the garbage can, so make sure to clean it well to prevent spreading the virus. Garbage [...]

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