The Happy Housecleaning team knows that nowadays most people just cannot spend a whole day in cleaning. This is why we decided to write a few suggestions for 15 minutes clean ups for every room at home. We hope that this short guide will help you deal with chores fast and easy. 15 minutes clean ups cannot replace thorough cleaning but can help put the place in order even if you are in a hurry or if you’re tired from work.


I personally prefer to start up clean up from here to prevent distributing the dust and dirt to other rooms.

1. Put all the shoes in the shoe cabinet, clothes and bags – on the coat hanger.
2. Throw away any old bills, empty bags and other stuff that usually get forgotten in the hallway.
3. Sweep/vacuum the floor.
4. If you have tiles in your hallway wipe them with a mop and warm water.
5. If you have a mirror there you can wipe it with rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints and other spots from it.


Even if you don’t have the time to clean the kitchen impeccably these tips will help you make it more welcoming and pleasant to use.

1. Pick up all empty packages and food leftovers and throw them in the bin.
2. Put all the dirty dishes in the sink or directly into your dishwasher.
3. Sweep the floor and if needed – wipe it with moist mop soaked in hot water.
4. Wipe up all the surfaces with clean cloth, soaked in solution made from warm water and all-purpose cleaner. (You can check our green recipes for home made all-purpose cleaner.)

Bathroom & Toilet

One of the easiest things is to make your bathroom and toilet look clean and tidy. Follow these tips to deal with this area in 15 minutes – or even less.

1. Pour evenly a generous amount of disinfectant in the toilet bowl, the bathtub and in the sink and leave it like this for 10 minutes.
2. Wipe the floor with slightly moist mop.
3. Change the towels with clean ones and drop them in the laundry basket.
4. Rinse the disinfectant after you’re don with everything else.
5. Wipe the mirror with clean rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Living Area

This is the place everybody spent most time at home so it easily gets messy. Follow our tips to tidy up fast and make it look nice and clean.

1. Get all dirty cups and dishes from the coffee table and take them to the kitchen sink or directly to the dishwasher.
2. Collect all empty packages (chips, popcorn, plastic bottles etc.) and throw them in the trash bin.
3. Wipe the dust from TV stand and sound system – dust makes every room seem dirtier than it is.
4. Run a vacuum quickly onto the high traffic area – near the sofa and around coffee table.


This are is the one that gets dirty more slowly than the rest of the house so the clean up here should be very fast.

1. Collect all dirty clothes and take them to the laundry basket.
2. Fold the clean ones and put them away.
3. Run a vacuum if there’s need for that.
4. Make up the bed.
5. Open the windows for 5 minutes to ventilate the room.

Voila! Your home looks clean and tidy! If you keep up with this routine the thorough cleaning of the house will be a lot easier to do. You can leave that for the weekends or even consider hiring a cleaning team for a few hours every now and then – companies now offer are many different options suitable for regular or one-time cleaning. In case you missed our last article, here you can read about 5 green ways to clean a home carpet.