We associate summer with vacations, lazy moments on the beach, hiking, and long walks in the park. Cleaning the house is probably the last thing you think about when preparing for summer. But even if you go on holiday, you will still spend a big part of your summer at home and you have to agree there is nothing better than cold cocktail on the patio, or a Sunday barbecue in your garden. We’ve gathered a short list of chores that need to be done in order to enjoy great summer at home.

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Indoor To-Dos

Mould growth is one of the worst things that threaten your home during this hot and humid season. This is why a big part of your indoor summer cleaning checklist is dedicated to prevent mould appearance. Other season-specific things to take in mind when preparing your home for the summer are foul odours and insects.

1. Keep mould away from your appliances

During the summer never keep the door of your washing machine or dishwasher closed. However if you forget the door closed and you sense funny smell you can run empty cycle with only vinegar and hot water. Vinegar is great natural cleaner and it will prevent mould from reappearing.

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2. Prevent mould appearance in your bathroom

Always run a bathroom fan on when you are taking a shower and let it on for 10 minutes after. If you don’t have ventilation system in your bathroom leave shower door or curtain open, as well as the bathroom door. During the summer mirrors and bathroom tiles are getting dirty faster and can also get mouldy. You can remove mould from your mirror and tiles by wiping them with solution prepared from 1 part vinegar and 1 part cold water. Don’t rinse after cleaning, just let the door open to aerate the area – the smell will disappear in 1-2 hours.

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3. Stop the Humidity in Your Wardrobe

Humidity is an enemy to clothes, bed linens and blankets too. To prevent mould in your wardrobe or closet place 1-2 silica gel packets on each shelf or 3-4 in bigger compartments.Some fashion experts recommend placing a few pieces of chalk in your wardrobes in case you don’t have silica get at hand.

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4. Get the air in and the bugs out

If you are not a fan of air conditioners and prefer to let your home aerate naturally in summer then you might have a problem with bugs and pollen. Keep them away by installing filter screens on your windows. This way allergies, flies and mosquitoes won’t bother you even at night.

5. Keep garbage bins clean and odourless

During the summer temperatures are higher and all the food residues go bad really, really quickly. To avoid the smell of rotten fruits spreading in your home when changing the garbage bag rinse the bin with vinegar-water solution and dry it well. It is a good idea to sprinkle baking soda evenly onto the bottom of the bin – baking soda absorbs foul odours.

6. Flip mattress

Most mattresses today have winter and summer side. If your mattress has two sides now is the time to flip it. The material covering each side is different, designed for different temperatures and conditions of cold and hot weather. You can keep in mind that summer is the most appropriate time to clean your mattress – the temperature is high and everything dries fast, eliminating the risk of mould or mildew growth on the fabric.

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Outdoor Checklist

Here is a short to-do list to help you prepare the outdoor part of the house, in case you are planning to spend summer evenings in your garden or on the patio, or even balcony.

1. Smooth opening and sliding of doors and windows

Spray the hinges of windows as well as the tracks of sliding doors with WD-40. The product will remove rust and build-up dirt. If there is two much gunky grime on the sliding door track you can remove it using screwdriver.

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2. Mow the lawn

Tall grass can become home for various insects and other uninvited quests, including snakes. Don’t risk it.

3. Chase away mosquitoes and flies from your garden or balcony

There are many whimsical inventions designed to keep mosquitoes away, but the most natural one is planting basil, peppermint, lemon balm, citronella and lavender. This way you will not only keep the bugs away, but you will also have fresh herbs for your meals. Nice, isn’t it?

4. Clean the dust from your patio furniture

Wipe off the dust from your outdoor furniture or rinse it with the garden hose if it made from plastic or other washable material.

5. Clean your patio/deck/balcony

Nobody takes much care for outdoor areas during the winter, so before placing your table or sunbed outside take out the hose and rinse the surface.

6. Take care of your grill

Brush off any food residues and spray the grate with grease-cleaning product. Wait a few minutes and rinse well. If you are not a fan of commercial cleaning products you can prepare a thick paste of baking soda and water and scrub the grates.

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Voila! You are ready for the summer!

If you need a hand when cleaning and preparing your home for the Summer, don’t hesitate to book professional end of lease cleaners in your area.