Professional furniture cleaners remove the dirt and dust settled in your sofa or armchairs by using advanced equipment and products designed for the task. In most cases, specialists and manufacturers recommend hot water extraction method, more popular as steam cleaning. Usually, most of our clients call us solely when the DIY sofa clean-up just doesn’t do the work. However, there are other instances when it is wise to book a professional upholstery cleaner. Check out when hiring a cleaning service is better than cleaning the sofa by yourself.

Sumer is a very good time to have your upholstery professionally cleaned.

During the Changing Of Seasons

According to home cleaning experts, the change of seasons is the perfect time to give your place a deep clean, carpets and furniture included. And although spring and autumn cleaning are the periods that come to mind first, summer is an excellent season for upholstery clean-up. Sofas, chairs, lounges, and other upholstered furnishings are most used, and thus they endure more wear and tear. That also makes them an easy target for spills and dust build-up. The chances of sweat stains on your upholstery during this the hot and humid weather increase, so summer could be just the right time for you to call upholstery cleaning service that can do the job for you.

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Babies and small children are more succeptible to dirt and microbes than adults so regular deep upholstery cleaning is a must.

When You Have a Baby

If you have a baby at home, then you should arrange for upholstery cleaning more often than usual. Durt, dust, hair and stains slowly build up in the fabric as we use our sofa daily. Untidy, germ-laden upholstery can seriously affect your baby. The smallest member of the family may easily come up with allergies and get sick. Professional upholstery cleaners will not only clean your furniture, but they will also sanitise it and make the fabric allergen, mould, pollen and dust free. Depending on the treatment method and the quality of the detergent, professional cleaning eliminates up to almost 100% of the harmful bacteria.

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Our adorable four-kegged friends shed fur right onto the furnishings.

When You Have Pets

No matter how well you’ve trained your pets, occasionally they track dust and mud (and respectively – germs) from outside back in your home. And if they are allowed to sit on the sofa, chances are your skin will eventually get in contact with the dirt. Pets also shed fur everywhere in the house, including on your upholstered furnishings. So if you are a responsible owner, you should clean not only the animal but your home too – for your and your family’s sake. That is why if you have pets you should consider hiring upholstery cleaners at least twice a year.

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Pregnancy is a great period of every woman’s life and you shoudn’t spent it deep cleaning the furniture when you can call professionals to do the job.

When Your Sick Or Pregnant

Most of the time, we are pretty resilient and, we can handle our day-to-day tasks like taking care of ourselves and our homes. However, sometimes, when we are sick, this isn’t possible. And what’s worse, with some conditions good hygiene is the key to better health. People with respiratory and severe dermatological problems, as well those with chronic diseases should call professional upholstery cleaners to ensure their home is dirt and bacteria free. And though it is not an illness, pregnancy also calls for maintaining certain levels of cleanliness. So if you are expecting a baby, you also can consider having your furniture cleaned by professionals more often than usual.

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