Our team (from left to right): Plamen, Ivo, Mariya, Spas, Diana, Tanya, Michael, Silvena and Dobromir

When they hear the words “home cleaning company” most people immediately visualise uniformed professionals thoroughly vacuuming, scrubbing and wiping around the house. However, the cleaners’ visit is just the final step of a whole process – a carefully prepared teamwork.

Those of you, who have already taken advantage from our services, know our on-site part of the team. So today, we decided to meet you with our wonderful colleagues from the office. They take care of every step of the booking and make sure everything runs smoothly, making it possible for the company to deliver impeccable services to all of our clients.

We Care for You – from the First Conversation!

Many hesitate booking a professional home cleaner. There are various reasons, which are stopping people from turning to professionals – and we have heard them all. After talking to hundreds of happy clients, we even wrote a whole post about the 6 of the biggest myths that were stopping them from booking a cleaning company!


This made us realise that the first contact with you is important, even when people already know the benefits of hiring home cleaners. All of our colleagues at the call centre have undergone a special training to help them understand what you need from a single conversation and be able to answer all your questions. You can ask everything about the arrangement, prices, promotions, different kinds of services and even – how to prepare your home before cleaners’ visit.

The Best Cleaners in London Rely on the Best Support Team

Be it for home or for office cleaning jobs, we strive to provide excellent quality for all of our clients. We hire the best cleaners, who are trained professionals with long experience in the field, but their work would be impossible without the colleagues back at the office.

Besides the operators that take care of all calls and emails, there is a part of the team that takes care of the schedules, manages clients’ requests, checks regularly if our cleaning supplies are all in stock. We need to be sure that we are always using the safest cleaning, eco friendly products and top of the notch equipment, and research is also part of what we do in the office.